Dance musician Odyssey Eurobeat comes out as trans: ‘I’m a girl and my name is Jessa’

Patrick Kelleher May 27, 2021
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Jessa Stebbins Odyssey Eurobeat

Jessa Stebbins, also known as Odyssey Eurobeat, has come out as a trans woman. (Twitch)

Musician Jessa Stebbins, better known by her alias Odyssey Eurobeat, has come out as a transgender woman live on Twitch.

The California-based musician and producer came out to her fans during a Twitch livestream on Wednesday (26 May), saying transitioning has made her happier than she could ever have imagined.

Over the course of a two hour stream, Jessa Stebbins told fans that she will still go by the name Odyssey Eurobeat, but said she will no longer be using the name she was given at birth.

Kicking off the livestream, a message flashed up on the screen that read: “I have not been this scared in my entire life. Nothing after this willl be the same.”

Keeping her camera turned off, the musician took fans through the aliases she has used throughout her career, before explaining why she has used the alias Jessa Stebbins in the past.

“I’m going to make a drastic change to the lore around Jessa real quick. This is where it’s a bit of a surprise and I hope no one feels too upset with the bombshell that I’m about to drop here.

“Jessa’s real, actually. She is a real person. I haven’t had her come on stream particularly often, but yeah, she actually is around. I do have a photo of her that I’ll show real quick once I get the air back in my lungs,” Stebbins said, before posting three photos of herself on screen.

“That’s the thing, that’s the surprise about Jessa. She is real. Very real. Jessa is more real than [her deadname].”

Odyssey Eurobeat singer Jessa Stebbins is ‘still the same person’ after coming out as trans

Finally, Stebbins turned on her camera to show fans how she looks now. She said fans probably have “a lot of questions”, but insisted that her style of music will not change.

“I’m still very much the same person that you’ve known for years, if anything it’s just all of it, all of me,” she explained.

Stebbins went on to tell fans that not a lot will change when it comes to her interaction with fans, but she said she might post more selfies online because she is finally happy with the way she looks.

The singer told fans that she has been a woman “for a very long time” and that she has “never been happier” than she is right now.

Following the stream, Stebbins shared a photo of herself to bring fans who missed her Twitch appearance “up to speed”.

“In short, I’m a girl! And my name is Jessa,” Stebbins wrote on Facebook.

“‘Odyssey’ still works too – in fact, if you’re having trouble remembering to use Jessa, I encourage you to use ‘Odyssey’ in the meantime.”

She went on to explain that she will continue to use various aliases, including DNA Team and Ken Blast, telling fans that “Ken” is now short for Kendra.

“I’m hoping that, other than my presentation, name, and pronouns, this can be an otherwise pretty minimal change in terms of what you’re here to see and hear,” Stebbins wrote.

“It’s still the same caffeine-addled Eurobeat-loving person you’ve been listening to for years, just more honest with myself.

“I’m so ecstatic to share a fuller version of myself with you all, and look forward to what the future brings.”

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