Otters dominate Twitch’s brand new hot tub category – no, not that kind

Ed Nightingale May 25, 2021
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Twitch otter

MarineMammalRescue. (Twitch)

Otters are taking over the brand new hot tub category on Twitch. No, actual otters.

The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, funded by the Vancouver Aquarium, has been live streaming otters for some time now, amassing a (human) following of almost 30,000.

However, although the sleek beasts used to stream under the “Travel & Outdoors” tag, they’ve since switched to Twitch’s brand new “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” tag to increase their viewership.

The new tag was created in response to the recent “hot tub meta” debate that’s been taking over the platform, where streamers have been seen in swimwear in hot tubs chatting with followers.

The streams have been controversial among the streaming community, although they are allowed within Twitch’s terms of service under their Nudity & Attire and Sexually Suggestive Content policies.

Twitch has created the new hot tub tag to separate out this content from the “Just Chatting” category, though this is not intended as a long term solution.

However, it’s the MarineMammalRescue stream that’s proven a hit in this category among otter fans, with its “THICCEST FUR” and “#1 Cold Tub” streams.

There may not be inflatable bananas, but instead there are adorable otters swimming and sleeping, gently massaging their faces, with the soft sounds of lapping water offering exactly the kind of ASMR we need to get through the rest of the global pandemic.

You can even join their Discord channel in order to control the cameras yourself.

Time will tell if they prove more popular than the recently demonetised Amouranth, one of the most popular hot tub streamers on the platform.

The new hot tub category came just before Twitch announced that over 350 new tags would be arriving on the platform, including transgender, Black and disabled identity tags.

The news was met with elation from streamers, especially trans streamers who have been requesting a trans tag for over two years.

The new much-needed tags are a great win for the streaming community, though it’s telling that Twitch implemented the hot tub category first.

You can watch the otters on the MarineMammalRescue Twitch page.

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