Right-wing podcast lashes out at ‘unorganised s**tshow’ Caitlyn Jenner

Josh Milton May 21, 2021
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Caitlyn Jenner at the 60th Anniversary party for the Monte-Carlo TV Festival in 202

Caitlyn Jenner at the 60th Anniversary party for the Monte-Carlo TV Festival in 2020. (Gregg DeGuire/Getty)

Hosts of a right-wing conservative podcast have slated Caitlyn Jenner’s “scam campaign” for Californian governor.

Hosts of Ruthless, a rabble-rousing Republican podcast, well, ruthlessly ranted about the 71-year-old after she was scheduled to appear on the show, only to then fail to even show up.

According to LGBTQNation, host Josh Holmes, a former chief of staff to senator Mitch McConnell, and Michael Duncan sounded off for some 16 minutes about Jenner in the episode titled ‘#CancelCaitlyn’, which dropped Thursday (20 May).

The pair claimed that Jenner’s campaign team reached out to them to appear on the show this week. Already booked up, Holmes and Duncan shuffled the scheduling around to accommodate her.

Jenner’s team, they said, was pretty persistent that she be given a spot. But when the Zoom call came, she never picked up.

Her campaign staff later told them she was “not ready” to appear.

Caitlyn Jenner alienates ‘conservative listeners’ after podcast fumble 

“You don’t reach out to a show that you ultimately don’t go on,” fumed Holmes.

“You don’t unprofessionally let people know that you can’t make it unless you are a completely unorganized s***tshow that was a scam campaign from the very beginning, that is doing nothing but trying to draw attention from legitimate candidates who have a capacity to unseat [Gavin Newsom].

“So if you’re a sideshow, and you just want to show up in the tabloids and pretend like the conservative movement means something to you when it really clearly doesn’t mean a s**t to you, then enjoy yourself!

“I’m sure TMZ is standing outside of her house right now.”

Holmes and Duncan took aim at Jenner’s scattered bid to become governor, where they criticised her for having “seven different positions on immigration”, among other policies.

“Well, no s**t she’s not ready,” Holmes said, “if you can’t make it to an interview you’ve booked with people who are sincerely interested in your story.

“I mean, I think she’s given five answers on who she’s voted for or if she voted in the last election.

“To throw it away completely that just tells us what you think of conservative listeners and the conservative base.”

Alienating the state’s few right-wing voters is certainly not the best play from Caitlyn Jenner. With just six per cent of California voters saying they would even consider voting for her, it’s no doubt the latest in a long series of blows and stumbling gaffes to her gubernatorial bid.

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