World of Warcraft fans celebrate after character Chromie is ‘confirmed as trans’: ‘Hail our queen’

Ed Nightingale May 14, 2021
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Chromie, World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft. (Twitter)

A new World of Warcraft book appears to confirm that the character of Chromie is trans.

Releasing on 25 May, World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales gives extra insight into many characters in the game and some fans have been lucky enough to receive a copy early.

Chromie is one such character. She is a dragon who takes the form of a gnome; her story explored in the short tale “The Visage”.

Her full name is Chronormu, a male dragon name, but she takes the mortal form of a female gnome in a coming-of-age ceremony.

Twitter user Portergauge has shared an image from the book showing a key part of the story.

It reads as follows:

The blue dragon nodded. “I believe I understand why you chose to take the form of a gnome. But if I may ask, why did you choose to become female as well?”

Chromie smiled. “It suits me,” she said, and shared with Kalec a long, happy hug.

And with that, a glorious day unfolded into a glorious evening.

While this could simply be a fantasy tale, many fans are interpreting the story as Chromie now being canonically trans.

Unfortunately some players, having referred to Chromie with she/her pronouns throughout the game until now, are now choosing to misgender the character.

Most fans, though, are hailing Chromie as their trans heroine.


Chromie features in the trailer for World of Warcraft Classic.

Released in 2019, it returns to the state of the game before its expansions, giving players a chance to relive the MMORPG in its original form.

‘The Deaths of Chromie’ quest sees you saving Chromie, a member of the Bronze Dragonflight clan, from multiple assassination attempts.

Don’t worry though, if you missed your latest World of Warcraft raid because you were twerking to Lil Nas X, that’s ok.

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