Alarmingly dedicated Skyrim player kills every living thing to turn the whole game into Solitude

Ed Nightingale May 14, 2021
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Skyrim. (jaeinskyrim)

A very dedicated Skyrim player has managed to kill every almost every NPC, enemy and animal in the game.

Reddit user jaeinskyrm has detailed their quest over the past month and posted a series of photos of a beautiful character standing over a mass of bodies.

It’s a brutal sight.

“It is finished. 2201 people/NPCs, plus over 2400 more various creatures. All gone. I am alone in Skyrim,” they said in the latest post.

Jae’s profile explains the journey:

“My dorky husband thought it would be fun to create his wife (me) as a Skyrim character, and then take me on a tour of rampage and mayhem through this fantasy land. No one is safe; no one is spared – everything and everyone will fall under my blade. There are no quests, no collecting items, and no achievements. Only complete and total destruction. This is my story!”

Their method was to use a modded sword that drains life energy, a sword so overpowered that no living thing could possibly survive.

But it all begs the question: why?

“I had just finished a fully exhaustive questline playthrough last year. Then I started learning more about using environment and texture enhancers – so I wanted to play again, but didn’t feel like doing the quests all over again. I did want to explore my newly modded world so i took this approach. A different way to explore Skyrim,” says Jae.

“I think I spontaneously said at the dinner table “hey kids, how about I make mom into a Skyrim character that immediately kills everything in her path?” They were on board, even their mom.”

And who doesn’t want a badass Skyrim mum?

Now, in Jae’s world, everywhere is Solitude.

Except there’s one character who still lives: Paarthurnax, the dragon leader of the Greybeards.

“After killing the monks, I had no way to learn Clear Skies, so Paarthurnax was unreachable. I know I could ~tcl my way through, but Paarthurnax deserved better than that,” says Jae.

“He lives. However, He does leave me alone.”

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