Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney breaks down in tears after vile trolls call her ‘ugly’

Josh Milton May 11, 2021
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On the left: Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney wearing Balmain red tweed jacket. On the right: Sydney Sweeney cries to the camera while sat in a chair

Euphoria actor Sydney Sweeney took on her trolls in an emotional Instagram video. (Hanna Lassen/Getty Images/Screen capture via Twitter/@PopCrave)

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney broke down in tears Sunday (9 May) after a tirade of trolls mocked her for her appearance.

Sweeney, who plays Cassie in the HBO series, jumped on Instagram Live after noticing that her name was trending on Twitter – only to discover users were calling her “ugly” and comparing her to a “Muppet”.

While the tweet that ignited the wave of hatred has since been removed from the platform for violating guidelines, the 23-year-old explained through tears how cyberhate can and does hurt people.

“Apparently I am trending on Twitter right now for being ugly,” she said in the live stream.

“I think it’s really important for people to see how words actually affect people.

“I know everyone says, ‘You can’t read things’, and ‘You shouldn’t read things’, but like, I’m a f*****g person.”

The Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood actor added: “I’m just sitting here with my dog, Tink, watching HGTV, wearing my Snuggie.

“People need to be nicer on social media because it’s really f*****d.”

Following the video, countless fans rallied for Sweeney as they sought to lift up her spirits while criticising the cyberbullies.

“Not someone calling Sydney Sweeney ugly… you must be blind,” one Twitter user correctly pointed out.

Another commented: “Sydney Sweeney crying on IG Live cause people are insinuating she’s only attractive cause of her chest?

“I hate this app so much. why are [people] bringing peoples body to discourse like it’s a fun topic?”

“From personality to talent to beauty she’s truly wonderful and doesn’t deserve any slander whatsoever,” a fan stressed.

The long-awaited second season of Euphoria is one shrouded in mystery. But Sweeney teased last year that “literally everything” about season two will be “darker” than the original run – one that already dealt with topics such as drug addiction and sexual abuse.

“It’s just shocking,” she told Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I mean, everything with life as a teenager is shocking, so you never know what to expect.”

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