Fans use Resident Evil demo to create hilarious, creative mods – including adding a Brazilian model

Ed Nightingale May 5, 2021
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resident evil village mods

One modder added Brazilian model Ricardo Milos to the game (Marcos RC)

What could be scarier than the vampires, werewolves and other ghouls of Resident Evil Village?

How about Barney the Dinosaur? Or Thomas the Tank Engine?

The demo of the highly-anticipated title was only available for a limited time last weekend, but already the PC modding community have got their mitts on the game.

Instead of horrifying enemies, imagine a horde of bloodthirsty cuddly Barneys creeping towards you. Actually, that’s far more terrifying.

Thanks to modder Marcos RC, we’ll never sleep again.

Or perhaps you’re excited to finally meet Lady Dimitrescu, the game’s 9’6″ tall vampire lady who the internet wants to step on them.

But what if she had the face of Thomas the Tank Engine?

Yes, that’s been done too by modder Crazy Potato. Skulking around the castle, the eerie chimes of the theme song can be heard as the vampire lady appears with the most cursed smiling face you’ll ever see.

Marcus RC has more though. Not only has he turned The Duke (the game’s merchant character) into the merchant from Resident Evil 4 (“whaddaya buyin’?”), he’s swapped monsters for Brazilian model Ricardo Milos.

Now the catacombs of Castle Dimitrescu are populated by sweaty, plasticky pretty boys instead.

Modding the Resident Evil games is a popular trend, with both Barney and Thomas being modding staples.

Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 has frequently been swapped for that horrible tank engine. It’s not what you expect to see in a zombie-infested police station.

Streamers modding the game has become quite the trend. Ever wondered what Teletubbies look like dying? Or how Kermit the Frog would react to being crushed? 

Well, wonder no more. It’s not easy being green.

@eevoliciousHot tub streamer Leon Kennedy encounters his arch enemy: Thomas The Tank Engine ##residentevil2 ##re2 ##Leonkennedy ##thomastankengine♬ original sound – Eevolicious


Still, the latest Japanese trailer for Resident Evil Village turns its villains into cute fuzzy puppets. Capcom certainly know what they’re doing.

Resident Evil Village is released on 7 May on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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