Apex Legends servers down due to high demand for season nine, users get ‘no servers found’ error

Ed Nightingale May 5, 2021
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Apex Legends Valkyrie

Valkyrie. (Respawn)

Apex Legends has seen its servers go down as players jump into season nine.

Due to high demand to see the new content in the online free-to-play shooter, many Apex players have struggled to even get past the menu screen of the game.

The issue occurred across all platforms, with servers down for a number of hours. Users saw a ‘no servers found’ error when logging in.

Some players were able to get into matches, but the Marketplace was unavailable meaning access was limited to the base Legends and limited skins.

It seems that now the game is fully back online, with the Marketplace and Battlepass now back in place for players to access all content.

Characters have reverted back to default skins, though, so players will need to re-customise their Legends.

Thankfully, developer Respawn tweeted regular updates to keep the community informed.

The thread ended on a positive note: “Well legends, today did not go as planned to say the least. But we’re pleased to announce that Apex Legends: Legacy is now officially live,” it reads.

“Appreciate you guys stickin’ by us today. You’re the true legends here.”

The new season of Apex Legends brings a wealth of content to the game that players are keen to experience.

Most notable are the new 3 v 3 Arena mode – a head-to-head match that moves away from the game’s battle royale mode – and the new Legend Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper from Respawn’s previous game Titanfall, further linking the two in the same universe.

Server issues are a major problem with online games: this isn’t the first time it’s happened and certainly won’t be the last.

The developers of Outriders were hit with abuse when players were unable to access the game in its opening weekend.

More recently, Call of Duty: Warzone’s servers were hit with high demand due to its much-hyped nuke event that heralded its new season. 

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