5 essential New Pokémon Snap tips to turn you from beginner to a snap-happy pro

Ed Nightingale May 2, 2021
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New Pokemon Snap

New Pokémon Snap. (Nintendo)

New Pokémon Snap came as a surprise to many when it was announced. A sequel to the cult N64 game, it’s had Pokémon fans brimming with excitement to go on a digital safari.

The gameplay does ultimately boil down to point and shoot, but there’s plenty of strategy and puzzle-solving within that. Unlike its predecessor, there is a surprising amount of depth here.

You can check out our review of the game here, but if you’re looking for a few quick tips to get started? You’re in the right place.

New Pokemon Snap
New Pokémon Snap. (Nintendo)

Aim for the perfect shot

The perfect shot is, of course, easier said than done. And often, what might look artistic to you might not match up in the game’s scoring system. The biggest tip, though, is to simply aim to focus on a Pokémon dead centre of the frame and as big as possible. It’s best to have them facing you, or in an interesting pose, and having extra ‘mon in the background certainly won’t hurt. But the fundamentals of the perfect photo are big and centred, above all.

Snap, snap, snap away

You’re limited to the number of photos you can take on each run but rarely is this an issue. Not only is 75 shots plenty, but you’ll be journeying through each biome multiple times regardless. So don’t be afraid to get snap-happy. Often it’s better to just snap a Pokémon multiple times rather than lining up and waiting for the perfect opportunity. You can always sift through your photos at the end to choose the best one. Remember too you have an infinite supply of fruit and Illumina orbs, so don’t be afraid to use them!

Go backwards

While each run through the worlds is on a set path, you’re free to look all around you with your camera. So don’t be afraid to look behind you, or even do an entire run backwards. Often you’ll spot Pokémon in different situations, get a better view or angle, or discover new monsters hidden away behind the scenery.

New Pokémon Snap
New Pokémon Snap. (Nintendo)

Complete requests

The characters you meet will give you requests that can be accessed with the Y button on the home screen. They’ll drop hints as to certain Pokémon in certain situations they want you to photograph. These requests not only add extra challenges, they’re often the key to getting those three and four-star photos. Plus you’re rewarded with filters and stickers to use to show off online!

Focus on your research level

If you’re stuck on what to do next, focus on increasing your research level for each area. Improved photo scores will add to your research level and once you bump up a level, you’ll not only spot new Pokémon for your Photodex, it might even unlock whole new areas to explore.

New Pokémon Snap is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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