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7 Resident Evil characters who’re a match made in hell for a Dead by Daylight crossover

Ed Nightingale April 19, 2021
Resident Evil characters who're a match made in hell for Dead by Daylight

Resident Evil. (Capcom)

Pleasing horror fans across the world, Capcom announced a Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight crossover at their recent showcase.

The asymmetric horror game has a huge following, especially among the LGBT+ community. A quick glance at Twitch is all you need to see for that.

And it’s become well known for including iconic horror characters from games and films, from Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head to Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. Most recently, fans have been thirsting over the new K-Pop killer The Trickster.

The inclusion of Resident Evil characters into this mix is a match made in hell we can’t wait to see. For killers at least, there are plenty of monstrous villains to choose from.

For survivors, though, some of the series leads are hardened soldiers that don’t quite fit. As much as we’d love to thirst over Chris Redfield’s arms, the merciless Ada Wong, or a shirtless Carlos Oliveira, let’s face it they wouldn’t be seen dead without a gun.

So who from the series would make the best survivors or killers? Time to dive into The Fog.

Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village demo
Resident Evil Village. (Capcom)

If The Trickster is anything to go by, fans of Dead by Daylight love to thirst over a killer. Luckily, Resident Evil Village introduces a brand new villain in the towering vampiric shape of Lady Dimitrescu. Little is known yet about the character, but her taste for blood and horrifyingly claw-like nails would make for the perfect killer addition. Just imagine all 9’6” of her looming over the survivors in her iconic wide-brimmed hat. We have to stan.

Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy
Resident Evil 2 Remake. (Capcom)

Resident pretty boy Leon Kennedy stars in arguably two of the best games in the Resident Evil series: Resident Evil 2 (and its remake) and Resident Evil 4. He’s perhaps the most relatable of the male leads – fresh from the police academy and not yet a seasoned soldier – and with his boyband swishy hair, he’d make for a suitably panicky survivor.

Mr X

Mr X
Resident Evil 2 Remake. (Capcom)

Resident Evil 2’s terrifying villain was given a makeover in the game’s remake. Tyrant T-00, aka Mr X, has a fondness for smashing through walls and chasing the player, like many villains before and since. Smashing through crates in pursuit of survivors is Dead by Daylight to a tee. And with that fedora and jacket, he brings a healthy dose of camp too.

Jill Valentine

Resident Evil characters who're a match made in hell for Dead by Daylight
Resident Evil. (Capcom)

OK, we did say no soldiers as survivors. But how can we not include S.T.A.R.S operative Jill Valentine from the first game? The smarter alternative to the burly Chris Redfield, she’s as handy with a lockpick as she is with a shotgun. Plus, that beret is absolutely iconic and simply has to be included. Shout out also to biochemist Rebecca Chambers from the under-appreciated Resident Evil Zero.

Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield
Resident Evil 2 Remake. (Capcom)

Over the course of the series, Claire Redfield really goes through a lot. But she begins in Resident Evil 2 as a mere university student seeking her missing brother, S.T.A.R.S operative Chris Redfield. After the events of Code Veronica, she’s toughened up and more than proven herself as a worthy survivor.

Albert Wesker

Resident Evil characters who're a match made in hell for Dead by Daylight
Resident Evil. (Capcom)

With his square haircut, sunglasses and Matrix-style leather jacket, Albert Wesker is the epitome of 90s cool. He double crosses S.T.A.R.S in the original game and features in multiple games in the series, eventually reaching his demise in Resident Evil 5 after faking his own death, injecting himself with the Progenitor virus and gaining superhuman powers. His story is operatic with all its twists and turns, and even before he transforms, he’s a monstrous villain.

Ashley Graham

Resident Evil characters who're a match made in hell for Dead by Daylight
Resident Evil 4. (Capcom)

Now, this might be a leftfield choice, but Ashley Graham would fit incredibly well as a survivor. Yes, she’s a hated character who constantly gets kidnapped and screams for Leon’s help. But that’s why she’d work here: she is the embodiment of all those memes of people being chased through their homes, helplessly and pathetically wailing before an inevitable end. Perhaps here she’d finally get her redemption; or Resi 4 players can finally get their revenge.

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