Jedward launch Jepic tirade against Simon Cowell and the music biz: ‘Gonna slay these c**ts’

Josh Milton April 6, 2021
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On the left: Jedward pose against an orange and green wall. On the right: Headshot of Simon Cowell smiling in a white shirt.

Jedward (L) and Simon Cowell. (Getty Images)

Jedward took a sharp swipe at The X Factor judge Simon Cowell on Monday evening (5 April), slamming him for treating them, Little Mix and One Direction as “slaves”.

In an explosive series of tweets, Irish twins John and Edward Grimes hit out against a music industry that described as uncaring and exploitative.

Oh, and they called “mafia leader” Cowell, the creator and corrosive judge of The X Factor, which Jedward auditioned for in 2009, “nothing but a bad facelift”.

“The biggest regret in life was not telling the judges on X Factor to f**k off,” Jedward wrote.

Well, there you have it.

What began as a couple of tweets criticising X Factor judges and bosses snowballed into a damning takedown of the music industry – with One Direction and Little Mix, they claimed, among its “victims”.

Claiming to have a copy of One Direction’s contract, Jedward tweeted, “There’s a reason Syco is called Psycho,” referring to Cowell’s record label.

“[One Direction] and Little Mix are legally f**ked in contracts and can never speak out so we are!”

They shared an exchange with former One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson, where he joked that Jedward “must be high”.

Jedward then added: “Legally posting contracts online is gonna end up in court but we’ve known for many years the situation!”

“Niall! Liam! Louis! Zayn! Harry! You’re survivors.”

“Every contestant on the X Factor was a slave to the show and got paid zero while they made millions!”, Jedward continued.

Jedward: ‘We’re putting ourselves in a very dangerous position speaking out’

After lasering in on the competition show, Jedward then began more broadly discussing the music industry.

Jedward alleged how incidents of “abuse” in the industry are buried by non-disclosure agreements, while managers “control the narrative” and security staff act as “baby sitters“.

This stifling culture, they said, often means that singers who simply want to sing find themselves, over time, broken down.

“Eating disorders and depression are very common in the music industry and it’s ‘cuz nobody cares about the artist’s mental health!” they said. “Only the money!”

Jedward super straight
Jedward. (Dave Hogan/Getty)

“The amount of cover-up stories and media that are hired to destroy an artist’s self-worth!” Jedward claimed. They never want the power to be in their hands!”

Admitting that they’ve thrown themselves onto the radars of countless lawyers, they said: “Facts are facts, we’re putting ourselves in a very dangerous position speaking out!

“Victims in the music industry need to be heard! Fans have known for years!”

“Artists are on the brink of collapse at the end of touring and having to act like everything is OK!” they added. “Humans can’t be owned artists shouldn’t be owned!”

They capped off their Twitter rant by saying: “Just here casually waiting for the lawyers to come threatening us!

“Good luck from the whole fandom. Justice is gonna be served!

“You can’t silence the truth! Nobody can drag me down!”

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