Engrossing queer puzzle game Murder By Numbers is on sale – and you don’t want to miss out

Ed Nightingale March 24, 2021
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Murder and maths come together in this unique game

You may not think maths and murder would go together, but Murder By Numbers is here to prove you wrong.

Released last year, the game is a mix of murder mystery and picross puzzles, a unique combination that’s now available at 50% off across all platforms including Steam and Switch.

Written by Ed Fear and developed by Mediatonic (the folks behind Fall Guys), Murder By Numbers presents a bright, colourful 90s world in which protagonist and actress-turned-detective Honor Mizrahi  lands herself in a murder plot while filming a TV show.

What follows is a series of murder cases where Honor is joined by robot companion SCOUT to help her out by analysing crime scenes and evidence.

And how do they do that? Numbers of course! By completing picross-style nonogram puzzles, images are revealed to move the cases on. 

That means filling out a grid with marks and spaces according to numbers in order to solve the puzzle and reveal the image. Yes, maths really can be fun!

Murder By Numbers
Murder By Numbers. (Mediatonic)

What’s more, it’s all presented in a super fun tongue-in-cheek style that’s very LGBT+ friendly. Not only are there queer characters throughout the game, there’s an entire case set in a drag bar.

We won’t spoil anything, but the smart writing is subtle enough to gently educate players on LGBT+ lingo without patronising. 

It also features a theme song from gay pop sensation Bright Light Bright Light. It’s a bop, but the lyrics are a great intro to the game: “Use your CPU, look at every clue, make the right connections and we’ll find what’s true.”

If that’s not enough to tempt you, check out the new accolades trailer for the game that lists all its award nominations and wins. 

Murder By Numbers is a game that will challenge you as much as its big personality will make you smile. Now’s your chance to pick it up for a bargain price.

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