Influential indie game Undertale now on Xbox Game Pass, and it’s brimming with LGBT+ representation

Ed Nightingale March 22, 2021
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Undertale Xbox

Undertale. (Toby Fox)

Undertale, one of the most influential indie games ever, is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

Originally released in 2015 and developed by Toby Fox, Undertale is a retro-style role-playing game with an innovative battle mechanic – it’s possible to play the entire game without attacking any enemies.

Telling the story of a young child who falls into a fantastical world of monsters, it’s well known for its quirky humour and catchy soundtrack. By pacifying and befriending enemies instead of attacking them, players can greatly impact the outcome of the story.

The game is also notable for its LGBT+ representation. The child, known as Frisk, is always referred to by the game’s narration and characters with they/them pronouns, pointing to a non-binary gender identity.

What’s more, many of the characters they meet along their journey are LGBT+. There’s Alphys and Undyne, two female characters who form a relationship if encouraged by the player; the ghost Mettaton that many have read as trans; it’s implied that two Royal Guards are in a relationship; and the ghost Napstablook is also referred to with they/them pronouns.

The game was nominated for multiple awards after its release and has since gone on to be universally revered by gamers of all sexualities. 

Undertale’s addition to Game Pass comes alongside a host of other titles. Space shooter Star Wars: Squadrons, gangster RPG Yakuza 6, and the sci-fi action game Nier: Automata have all been added to the service.

Also notable is Octopath Traveller, an old school RPG from Square Enix that was previously exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Square Enix’s brand new online shooter Outriders will also be added on 1 April.

Xbox’s Game Pass is available for both console and PC and provides access to an ever-changing list of titles as part of an ongoing subscription. For more information check out our guide.

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