Wham, Lord of the Rings and Victorian orphans: the funniest reactions to the Drag Race UK finale

Hilary Mitchell March 19, 2021
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Drag Race UK

This comparison was, frankly, spot on (BBC)

Well, it had to happen eventually. Drag Race UK season two is over, and we’ve been left feeling as deflated as Ginny Lemon’s fake boobs after she lets the air out.

But what a finale it was. It was filled with unexpected moments, from Bimini telling Ru that they’re a “grower not a show-er”, to Lawrence managing to learn a whole dance routine without having a bit of a cry while questioning his life choices.

The ending was pretty unexpected too – for some people, at least. Bimini’s very vocal fan base had convinced themselves the win was in the bag, but it was the arguably more consistent Lawrence Chaaaney who took home the prize of a novelty pen and some WH Smith vouchers.

Sorry, autocorrect. We of course meant: “an all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood.”

Unsurprisingly, people had a LOT of opinions about the Drag Race UK finale. Here are some of the best:

First of all, can we just talk about the fact Tayce casually announced her dad was in Wham?

The height differences between the eliminated queens caused much hilarity

And Ginny Lemon got several shout outs for being especially iconic

Our rightful queen Lawrrrrenccce Chaaaaaney was hilarious throughout

The Bimini stans were, understandably, devastated at the result

But that doesn’t give anyone the right to trash the winning Drag Race UK queen

If you do, Bimini’s going to have words with you

The fact that the epic final song was out of sync caused upset too. Luckily, this hero fixed it

The moment where the eliminated queens all appeared on stage was (keyboard smash)

Bimini also delivered the most quotable moment of the episode

But, of course, the biggest mood was the loss of Drag Race UK season two itself

Drag Race UK S2 really has been an incredible ride

Goodbye Drag Race UK. For now. At least we have this tiny crumb of hope to hang onto

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