Drag Race UK’s Vinegar Strokes issues ‘heartfelt’ apology to Tayce over ‘bitter’ put-down

Maggie Baska March 18, 2021
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Tayce vs Vinegar Strokes Drag Race UK

(World of Wonder/Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for GAY TIMES)

Drag Race UK’s Vinegar Strokes has offered an apology to season two star Tayce for her “bitter” comments.

Vinegar, who appeared on the first season of Drag Race UK, said that her comment about the show making “Tayce look better than she actually is”  was a joke meant with no “malice or hate”.

She made the remarks during a live-streamed Facebook event for G-A-Y alongside other Drag Race alums Tia Kofi and Jiggly Caliente, also joking that  Tayce “let A’Whora s**k her off and then make her outfits” and that she failed to bring a “Drag Race version” of Tayce to the show.

Vinegar was widely criticised, with Tayce noting she’d forgotten how “bitter Vinegar actually was until today”.

In the wake of the drama, Vinegar sent a statement to Metro saying she is “shocked and gutted that this has become something so big on social media“.

She explained that she messaged Tayce privately, “as I think this should be between us”, and that said she would not “feed into the Drag Race fandom fodder”.

Vinegar said she would “never with any intention go out to hurt or bully someone”. She added that she has been a fan of Tayce since she “first met her in our local dive bar in Camden working together on shows”, and that she “absolutely loves watching her perform”.

Vinegar told Metro: “I will be 100 per cent frank and honest, that as a viewer and fan of Drag Race, I was watching the show as a VIEWER and there were some weeks where I was underwhelmed with many of the girls including Tayce, but there were also weeks where I was also underwhelmed with both Tia Kofi and Veronica Green who are both my best friends.

“My opinion is based on just wanting more and for these queens to give the ultimate version of their drag, I just want more bang for my buck, whichever way that goes.”

She admitted her “joke… could have been delivered better or funnier”.

“However, I don’t want this to be any sort of excuse for hurting someone’s feelings,” Vinegar said. “My apology is raw and heartfelt. I love Tayce’s drag, and I really am rooting for all the girls.”

Tayce has not publicly responded to Vinegar’s apology. More than likely, she is preparing for the finale of Drag Race UK which drops on BBC iPlayer at 7pm.

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