Christian bigot interrupts teens’ meal to ‘save’ them from being gay. They caught the whole thing on camera

Maggie Baska March 12, 2021
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A shocking viral TikTok video exposes a Christian woman’s attempts to “save” two teenagers from being gay.

The video of the woman’s awkward attempts to “save” two strangers she thought were in a gay relationship has now gone viral, garnering over 15.7 million views.

Kaiden, who uploads content on TikTok under the username Kalessh, turned his camera on in a fast food restaurant after a woman approached the table where he and his cousin, Jordan, were having a meal.

He wrote in a text overlay that the woman had been staring at them the whole time they were eating.


here’s the vid with the captions for those who wanted it. #fypシ #foryou @defnotjordanjames

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The video opens with the woman approaching the teens and asking if they “go to church anywhere”.

When the teens reply that they don’t, the woman asks: “Do you guys know how to get to heaven?”

The cousins point out to the woman that they don’t know her at all, but she continues and asks if the teens are “girlfriends”, misgendering Kaiden who uses he/him pronouns.

Jordan then says they are cousins, but it would be “genuinely none of your business” if they were a couple.

The Christian woman then seems to backtrack, saying Jordan is “right” and that she’s not “forcing” her religious beliefs.

She adds that she just wants to “let you guys know because they don’t teach you young kids about God anymore, and it’s just not the right way to live!”

“But the truths gotta be out there,” she adds.

Jordan answers that the woman just “came over here out of, like, nowhere”, and they have “no clue who you are”.

“God told me to come over and talk to you guys,” she says.

The two teens, shaken from the encounter, sit stunned as the woman leaves with her final parting words: “God bless. Jesus saves.”

The incident didn’t sit any better with TikTok viewers than it did with Kaiden and Jordan.

Makeup artist and YouTuber Patrick Starrr wrote in the comments on the TikTok video that “I woulda acted possessed”.

Actor Dascha Polanco, who starred in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, also commented on the video, saying people need to “mind their own damn [f*****g] business”. She added the teens “should have screamed STRANGER DANGER REAL LOUD”.

One viewer said the cousins handled the situation “so well” because they would have “started yelling or [something]”.

Another person agreed with the sentiment saying Kaiden and Jordan were “both so polite” towards the stranger. “I would have lost it,” they added.

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