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6 glorious times renowned snowflake Piers Morgan was dragged on live TV

Emma Powys Maurice March 9, 2021
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This Morning host Piers Morgan

Renowned snowflake Piers Morgan put his bloated ego on full display as he stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain when confronted on his “diabolical” behaviour towards Meghan Markle.

Morgan, who’s known for his bullish interview style, was unable to withstand a colleague pointing out he “continues to trash” the Duchess of Sussex because she stopped answering his calls.

It obviously hit a nerve as the 52-year-old archetype of white male fragility forced his co-host Susanna Reid to send the show to an early break while he calmed down.

The glorious moment instantly went viral as thousands of viewers watched Morgan’s bravado shatter in real time.

But it was far from the first time he’s humiliated himself on air. Here are just a few other times the walking collection of bad takes known as Piers Morgan got dragged live on television.

The time he tried to belittle a woman who didn’t know Pythagoras

Piers tried to confuse Love Island‘s Hayley Hughes by asking her about Pythagoras’ Theorem, but only managed to tie himself in knots when it was revealed he himself didn’t have a clue.

Susanna Reid wouldn’t let it slide, and as Piers desperately flailed to find an answer he mortified himself further by attempting to recite Pi.

The time Trisha Goddard told it like it is

TV’s Trisha Goddard effortlessly annihilated Piers Morgan with a single sentence after he dared to discount Meghan Markle’s experiences of racism.

“I’m sorry, Piers – you don’t get to call out what is and isn’t racism against Black people. I’ll leave you to call out all the other stuff you want, but leave the racism stuff to us, eh?”

The time Piers Morgan got schooled on Winston Churchill

Piers Morgan’s spurious snowflakery came out again after he hit out at Green Party MSP Ross Greer for comparing him to a “honey-glazed gammon”.

The following day Greer’s take down was complete when he came on This Morning to shatter Morgan’s hero-worship of Winston Churchill.

The time he said caring for your child is ’emasculating’

When Piers Morgan’s rage trigger was activated by the sight of Daniel Craig carrying his child in a papoose, more than a few celebrities came forward with savage comebacks.

But the most devastating of all came from comedian Adam Hills, who cut through Piers Morgan’s “mercenary” media persona and exposed him as “a terrible odious human being”.

The time Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu laid down the law on racism

Thank the gods for activist and lawyer Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who shamed Piers Morgan for using his platform to “escalate the bigoted sexist, racist, and misogynist attacks on Meghan Markle”.

“We have done more on racial issues on this show than any other show on television,” Piers shouted back, before continuing to undermine Meghan Markle’s experience of racism.


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