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Republican politician whines the left wants everyone to be bisexual, polyamorous and miserable

Maggie Baska March 8, 2021
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David Alvord Salt Lake City Utah

(Facebook/David Alvord)

Salt Lake County councilman David Alvord has apologised after he wrote on social media that the “left” won’t be happy until everyone is bisexual.

Republican Alvord, who represents Salt Lake County’s west side in the great District 2, claimed on Facebook that the “left” wanted everyone to be bisexual, non-monogamous and miserable.

According to local news channel KUTV, Alvord wrote the “left” won’t be happy until, among other things, “we each have light brown skin, exactly alike” and “until we are all bisexual and in non-committed relationships”.

He also said the left’s goal was to reach a point where “there are no males, no females and we each have the same muscle mass, brains, talents and energy”; “we have no children, and simply have new humans arrive in labs and immediately put into a school for collectivism and indoctrination”; or “until no one smiles more than another”.

David Alvord, former mayor of South Jordan, changed the post to private after he was contacted by The Salt Lake Tribune. He told The Tribune that the point of his post was to “say that I see no easy end to the culture war”.

“I think I could have been more diplomatic,” he said in a text message. “What I wanted to challenge is to really consider the endgame of the far-left. What mission is accomplished?”

He also noted Disney’s firing of actress Gina Carano over her controversial social media posts that compared Republicans to Jews during the Holocaust. Alvord said Carano’s message was that there “shouldn’t be thought police”, which The Mandalorian star compared to Nazis, and that she “didn’t say anything antisemitic”.

The Salt Lake Tribune also reported that David Alvord said he didn’t “think biological males should compete against biological females in sports”, alluding to recent efforts in Utah to ban trans girls from competing in school sports.

He told The Tribune: “It’s probably actually dangerous. Someone could get killed. Another way of saying it is that I think the left is going too far.”

Late Wednesday (3 March) night, Alvord added a new public post to his Facebook page clarifying his comments. He wrote: “The ‘left’ I named in a previous post isn’t any particular person, or even Democrats.

“The left I refer to is Cancel Culture who is being too aggressive and who cancels Parler, Gina Carano, conservative books on Amazon, Girls sports, and today Dr [Seuss].”

David Alvord removed that post as well.

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