8 March 2021

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A'Whora: Drag Race UK star sent 'vile' abuse and death wishes from trolls

Drag Race UK star A’Whora sent ‘vile’ abuse and death wishes from trolls

LGBT+ Labour have called for Rosie Duffield to lose the whip.

Rosie Duffield thinks it ‘deeply frightening’ that ‘you have to write womxn with an x’

Kevin McCarthy Green Eggs and Ham Dr Seuss

Republican Kevin McCarthy stages pathetic Dr Seuss protest. Meanwhile, Americans are dying of COVID

ABC reporter Mark Reddie

Gay journalist has defiant message for pathetic homophobes who egged him after Pride

lgbt gamer

Almost every single LGBT+ gamer has been harassed while playing online, eye-opening study finds

Joe Biden is due to sign the two executive orders as a part of International Women's Day 2021.

Joe Biden announces new gender policy council to ‘aggressively protect’ women’s and LGBT+ rights

Ruth Coker Burks

‘AIDS angel’ who devoted her life to caring for gay men buried the ashes of countless abandoned sons

Alaska drag queen of the year entertainment weekly

Drag Race royalty Alaska thinks it’s ‘absurd there are so many rules’ on who can do drag

The Lounger blanket comes in a number of different colours. (Remy Sleep)

Soothing and stylish weighted blanket will help you reduce stress and get a better night’s sleep during lockdown

Royal biographer uses Meghan Markle interview to whine about ‘white minorities being silenced’

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World theme park finally opens and it’s like every gamer’s Christmas just came early

Nigeria law criminalises sex "against the order of nature", which is used against LGBT+ people.

Nigerian police raid suspected ‘gay party’ and drag ‘scores’ of men to anti-cult office

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