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WandaVision’s gut-wrenching finale teases fate of MCU’s first gay superhero

Reiss Smith March 5, 2021
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Superheros Wanda and Vision with their two young children, Billy and Tommy, all standing in a street with their hands raised, ready to attack

WandaVision episode nine said goodbye –but it stands to reason we'll say hello again. (Disney)

WandaVision episode nine bought the Westview fantasy to a glitchy, gut-wrenching end – with an end credits scene teasing the fate of Billy and Tommy, aka Wiccan and Speed.

Warning – spoilers for WandaVision episode nine follow, obviously.

“We could never truly leave each other, even if we tried.”

After nine weeks, two kids and one inescapable jingle, WandaVision is over. Fake (depending on how you see it) Vision is no more, the Scarlet Witch has truly arrived, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe kinda has its first gay superhero – who’s out there, somewhere.

The WandaVision finale wrapped up the story in a fairly neat bow, showing Wanda reaching the acceptance stage of her grief and truly coming into her powers. Part of this meant relinquishing the spell she had cast over Westview – and with it, the family she had created for herself.

Only the truly soulless wouldn’t have been moved by Wanda and Vision putting their twins Billy and Tommy to bed, in the knowledge that the Hex unravelling in the horizon would make them (and Fake Vision) cease to exist. Unless, of course, you’re the type who raged against last week’s “what is grief if not live persevering” line, in which case – this episode probably wasn’t for you.

After the Hex tore Fake Vision from Wanda, we saw her standing alone in the empty plot where her family home once stood. Billy and Tommy were no more – or so it seemed.

In the second of two end-credit sequences, we saw Wanda in full Scarlet Witch mode searching for her boys.

Despite being wiped from reality along with the Hex, it seems that Billy and Tommy live on, as Wanda heard them calling out for help.

Will we see Billy and Tommy again? Duh, of course.

WandaVision season two could bring back Billy and Tommy this way

The WandaVision storyline, though unique to the show, does share elements of Billy and Tommy’s original comic history.

The twins were created by Wanda using her magic and fragments of soul stolen from Mephisto, Marvel’s incarnation of the Devil (who many WandaVision fans were certain would crop up as the series’ big bad).

Wanda and Vision holding twins.
Wanda and Vision welcomed twins. (Disney)

When Mephisto came to claim those fragments Scarlet Witch’s children were reabsorbed into him, driving her mad and causing her to create her own reality where the twins existed: the House of M.

Eventually it was revealed that Magneto (Wanda’s father in the comics and ruler of the House of M) manipulated her into casting the reality-altering spell. As he was defeated, she returned the universe to normality and simultaneously took away mutant powers from all but 198 mutants.

But – plot twist! – it later transpired Billy and Tommy were alive after all, having overpowered Mephisto. They became Wiccan and Speed, members of the Young Avengers.

Wiccan is particularly noteworthy for LGBT+ fans as he eventually became half of the first same-sex married superhero couple, with a flashback scene showing his wedding to Hulkling in Empyre #4.

Will WandaVision season two continue along this story? Well, we’re not even sure if there’ll be a season two at this point. But the end credits scene certainly suggests we haven’t seen the end of Billy and Tommy.

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