5 March 2021

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On the left: Caroline Giuliani smiles while facing the camera in a white vest. On the right: Rudy Giuliani.

Caroline Giuliani, daughter of Rudy, explains how threesomes helped her realise she’s pansexual

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight’s new K-pop killer is undeniably hot – and fans can’t stop thirsting

Laverne Cox anti trans bills Alabama Instagram

Laverne Cox delivers powerful, defiant message against sickening wave of anti-trans attacks

Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II Nintendo Switch review: full of nostalgic charm, but too polite

A Long Journey To An Uncertain End

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End anticipates a diverse future with forward-looking pronoun options

Ádám Hanol looks at Marci Pál, against a brick background

Hungary launches terrifying crackdown on TV channel that aired pro-LGBT+ advert

TikTok MissWIlla Marie Milla

Parents of trans kids urged to flee Alabama for ‘somewhere safe’ as total ban on trans youth healthcare passes

Matthew Parris Stonewall

Stonewall founder Matthew Parris believes sexuality can be ‘re-channelled’

A mural of SOPHIE

Pop visionary and trans icon SOPHIE immortalised in beautiful ‘gayngel’ mural

Rupert Everett Life Stories Piers Morgan

Rupert Everett ‘ran in the opposite direction’ when boyfriend was diagnosed with HIV in the 80s

Ultra Naté

Ultra Naté, best-known for 90s banger Free, calls for unity between Black trans and cis women on new track

Pose season three final season

Pose is coming to an end after one final, shortened season: ‘It’s bittersweet’

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