Banned vegan TikToker complains ‘veganphobia is real’ – after comparing animal rights to coming out as LGBT+

Maggie Baska February 24, 2021
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That Vegan Teacher real name Kadie Karen Diekmeyer

(YouTube/That Vegan Teacher)

Notorious vegan TikTok creator That Vegan Teacher has been banned for “multiple community guidelines violations” over her controversial content.

The news broke That Vegan Teacher – real name Kadie Karen Diekmeyer – was removed from TikTok on Tuesday (23 February), after users noticed that her profile read: “This account was banned to multiple community guidelines violations.”

Diekmeyer had over 1.7m followers on the platform, where she shared her polarising views on veganism. In one infamous That Vegan Teacher video, she declared that “coming out as a vegan animal rights activist” is more special than it is to come out as a member of the LGBT+ community.

She made comments comparing racism, homophobia and the Holocaust to the exploitation of animals for the meat industry. Diekmeyer also had run-ins with other top names on the platform including Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and Russell Brand.

Why was That Vegan Teacher banned from TikTok?

Most recently That Vegan Teacher targeted Minecraft YouTuber TommyInIt.

TommyInIt, who recently hit four million followers on TikTok, created a video showing off his two golden YouTube play buttons that he would “show to girls if they come around”. Diekmeyer duetted the video and said the “nice vegan girls don’t want to see your buttons”.

“But if you want them to play with your buttons, you’re going to have to show them your fruits and your vegetables,” she added, as she held up a cucumber, a pear and an apple.

TommyInIt is 16-years-old, and many people on the platform, including his fans, found the comment distasteful. However it is unclear whether this contributed to That Vegan Teacher being banned from TikTok.

At the same time, an online petition, which has gained over 20,100 signatures, called for TikTok to permanently remove Diekmeyer from the platform because she had “violated multiple community guidelines in various videos, duets and sounds”.

The petition continued: “She had made blatantly racist, bigoted, discriminatory statements against anyone who doesn’t view veganism in her way and her way alone.”

It further alleged that Diekmeyer had targeted “the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, people of the Black community, various religions and more”. TikTok has not confirmed if the petition contributed to her banning.

In a 23-minute video posted on YouTube after she was banned from TikTok, Diekmeyer hit back at people who found joy in her removal.

She claimed a “group of teenage boys” led to her account being banned, and she was “removed” from TikTok because she made “them feel that guilt” about eating meat.

Diekmeyer went on to deny a series of accusations lodged against her — claiming she never “stalked anyone”, nor “‘forced’ anyone to be vegan”.

“Nobody ever got sick or ‘died’ because of me,” she added.

She also proclaimed that “veganphobia is real”, evidenced by the fact that people have allegedly “left dead animal body parts on my front steps”.

She continued: “Eggs were thrown over my fence. Death threats were uttered. Groups of people tried to steal my dog, Bella.”

TikTok has been contacted for comment.

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