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The gay guide to jockstraps: nine of the best jocks you need for your collection

Jonny Yates February 10, 2021
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The Jockmail jockstrap. (Amazon)

The Jockmail jockstrap. (Amazon)

Buying a jockstrap is a rite of passage for gays but sometimes it’s difficult to find the right one for you.

Whether you just want to feel good in a jock, need to invest in one for workouts or you’re looking to find the perfect one for those mirror pictures then there’s loads of styles and brands to choose from.

There’s everything from rainbow to ribbed and sport-branded to popstar-themed jockstraps – thank you Lady Gaga – and hey, you can even turn your favourite one into a protective face mask.

So, if you’re buying your first one or adding to your collection we’ve put together a list of some of the best around below. And remember, jockstraps aren’t just for bottoms!

1. Nike

The Nike jockstrap. (ASOS)
The Nike jockstrap. (ASOS)

“Are you wearing the-“, “the Nike jockstrap? Yeah, I am”, said every single gay when these were released on ASOS last year. The jocks became really popular when they dropped and were then seen in mirror selfies across the globe. The jock is now back in stock and a pack of three costs £27 from ASOS here.

2. Chromatica

The Chromatica jockstrap. (Lady Gaga Store)
The Chromatica jockstrap. (Lady Gaga Store)

Take me to Chromatica! We couldn’t put together a list of jockstraps without including this one. All other jockstraps can go home because the Chromatica jock is here.

Yes, if you didn’t already know, Lady Gaga released a Chromatica-themed jockstrap to coincide with the release of her album of the same name. It was launched alongside a thong, rain boots and sweatpants, so something for every occasion – she’s such a thoughtful popstar. The jock is pretty limited in stock at the moment, but you can get it from Lady Gaga’s official store here.

3. Box Underwear

Box Underwear is a popular brand among gay men, you might recognise the logo from thirst traps online or you’ve seen the line yourself while looking for new underwear. The site has plenty of different styles including snug trunks, see-through boxers, tight briefs and ribbed. They’re priced from £20-£27 and you can shop all of the Box jockstraps on the website here – and you can see why we haven’t included a picture.

4. Classic jockstraps


The classic style jockstrap. (Amazon)
The classic style jockstrap. (Amazon)

If you’re after a retro, classic and sporty look then these athletic ones are ideal. Obviously they were originally used for sports but are also a good choice for comfort and support, as well as aesthetic purposes in whatever way that may be… You can get these ones in a pack of three featuring white, black and green for £27.99 on Amazon or you can buy them individually.

5. Jockmail

The Jockmail jockstrap. (Amazon)
The Jockmail jockstrap. (Amazon)

This rainbow jockstrap comes from brand Jockmail and is a great way to rep the Pride colours at all times! Even during a formal occasion, because who’s going to know? They’re priced at £7.49 and are available from Amazon here. Jockmail has loads of different designs you can choose from including black and white, striped and ribbed to name a few. They can also all be shopped on Amazon.

6. Diesel


The Diesel jockstrap. (Amazon)
The Diesel jockstrap. (Amazon)

This classic design from Diesel is also a popular jockstrap choice and comes in packs of three at around the £24 on Amazon. If you’re a fan of the Diesel brand but want some jocks that look a little more colourful then there’s plenty to choose from. This includes camo, gothic and of course rainbow prints. To shop them go to the Amazon page here.

7. Mesh jockstraps

A mesh jockstrap. (ASOS)
A mesh jockstrap. (ASOS)

For style above practicality then you can get this mesh jockstrap from ASOS. It leaves even less to the imagination and is a different style to some of the others on this list, and the other ASOS-branded jocks on the site. It’s priced at £6 and is available from the store here.

8. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein jockstraps. (Amazon)
The Calvin Klein jockstrap. (Amazon)

Another popular underwear brand is Calvin Klein, so if you’ve got the briefs or the trunks then why not get the complete set and add the jockstrap. The classic brand has white or black jocks available and you can get them in packs of three which are priced at the higher mark of £30. To buy them go to Amazon here.

9. Pastel jockstraps

A set of pastel jockstraps. (ASOS)
A set of pastel jockstraps. (ASOS)

Where are the pastel-core fans? Well you can add this set of three pastel design jockstraps to your wardrobe so every part of your outfit is matching in soft tones. The three pack is a classic design and comes in pink and cream as well as black and is priced at £15 from ASOS.

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