Trans woman obliterates tired, transphobic insult with iconic ‘sapphic thirst trap’

Lily Wakefield January 31, 2021
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Eva mocks the transphobic insult in a viral Twitter video

Eva mocked the transphobic insult, while also "outing herself as a fashion icon". (Twitter/ ayyy_vuh)

A trans woman has destroyed the transphobic “wearing a dress” insult, while breaking gay hearts with a stunning “Sapphic thirst trap” viral video.

Twitter user Eva posted a video last week, which has been liked more than 6,000 times, in which she said while wearing a dressing gown: “So, as a trans woman I’ve gotten a lot of strange comments over the years about my body and appearance.

“And one that always sticks out to me is: ‘You know, wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman.'”

In a perfectly on point reaction to the transphobic insult, Eva asked: “Wearing a what?” The video then cut to her wearing black skinny jeans with a sleeveless turtleneck.

She asked again as her outfit transformed into blue jeans and a classic plaid shirt.

The video cuts to various incredible outfits, before Eva actually appears in a dress, commenting: “OK well this one’s kinda cute.”

Her final look, a Kirsten Stewart-eque suit and bra combination, resulted in “gays hearts exploding”.

One Twitter user commented: “The last one… please miss have mercy I’m just a gay.”

“Cupid is gonna f**king run out of arrows if you don’t quit playing,” wrote another.

A third person wrote: “I mean all these looks are cute and pretty and all but the last one with the suit had you personally be blessed by Sappho in her gay light and I lost my mind OH MY GOD.”

Eva was described as an “icon, legend, lumberjane lesbian here to steal your girl(s)”, with one social media user asking: “Are you aware that you just outed yourself as a fashion icon?”

The tired, transphobic insult that a trans women are “men wearing dresses” is closely linked to the “bathroom predator” myth.

Last year, US feminist Naomi Wolf condemned the “moral panic” over trans rights, and said: “It’s always this mythology of a man dressed as a woman in a ladies’ bathroom who’s going to rape a woman – which just doesn’t happen.”

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