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8 January 2021

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Latina woman Alexandria Winchester the 44th trans person killed in 2020

Latina trans woman shot dead on Boxing Day, making 2020 far and away the deadliest year in the US since records began

Scotland will not follow High Court puberty blockers ruling, doctor confirms

Scotland will not let cruel High Court puberty blockers ruling stop trans kids from receiving life-saving treatment, officials confirm

Cody Skinner speaks at conferences around Australia about his experiences living with disability.

Deaf, autistic, gay man had a mental breakdown after being discriminated against at work

India Willoughby this morning

India Willoughby faces blistering backlash after ‘horrendous’ take on US Capitol riots on This Morning

Jason Alexander: Britney Spears' ex-husband attended US Capitol chaos

Britney Spears’ anti-vaxxer, flat-Earther ex-husband boasts about attending US Capitol chaos

Former acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell

Not even a white supremacist insurrection can stop Richard Grenell parroting Donald Trump’s lies about election fraud

Man exercising at home

Best exercise bikes and other equipment to keep your fitness up in lockdown while gyms are closed

Police officers fired after slew of homophobic, racist and sexist comments

Bigoted police officers fired after secret tapes revealed enough homophobic, racist and sexist slurs ‘to last a lifetime’

Lucy Lawless as Xena

Xena legend Lucy Lawless slams Hercules star Kevin Sorbo for peddling disturbing Capitol riot conspiracy

(L) David Bowie in a grey suit smiling. (R) Jonathan Ross in a black suit mid-speaking,

David Bowie expertly claps back after Jonathan Ross awkwardly pushes him to define his sexuality

11 unashamed and unabashed queer moments from David Bowie, whose LGBT+ legacy lives on today

Transphobe and spineless Trump sycophant Betsy DeVos resigns

Even transphobe and spineless Trump sycophant Betsy DeVos has resigned over white supremacy riots

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