Jonathan Van Ness captures the feeling of a nation in tearful video: ‘White people should be incensed’

Patrick Kelleher January 7, 2021
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Capitol riots Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness said white people should be incensed after riots broke out at the Capitol on Wednesday when white supremacists breached borders. (Instagram)

Jonathan Van Ness has captured the heartbreak felt by people across America after a violent mob stormed the Capitol and riots broke out, saying “white people should be incensed”.

The Queer Eye star shared his thoughts in a tearful video posted to Instagram on Wednesday as pro-Trump white supremacists stormed the Capitol, leading to four deaths and the evacuation of lawmakers.

In the emotional video, Van Ness highlighted the disparity between the way police responded to the violent mob at the Capitol and the way they have responded in the past to Black protesters at anti-racist marches.

Van Ness said he had been watching the news “all day” and that he had texted lawmakers he is friends with to check if they were OK after white supremacists breached the Capitol.

Jonathan Van Ness: White people should be ‘incensed’ over Capitol riots

“When I think about Black Americans and people who have been dealing with police violence, queer people who have been dealing with police violence, for decades, and to see what’s happening today, and the lack of response and the lack of preparedness for these mostly white people who are committing terrorist crimes on the Capitol building, I feel sick,” Van Ness said, breaking down in tears.

“I feel so angry watching this, for my Black friends, for my LGBTQ family. And you should too. Especially if you are a a white person watching this, a white person in America, you should be so incensed.”

He has two weeks left where he could literally do anything because he’s still the president for two weeks, so Donald Trump does have to be impeached immediately.

He questioned why the president was being allowed to “cause this violence” and said he had an “angry evil part” of himself that wanted to tear into those defending the violent mob on social media.


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Van Ness continued: “I really don’t really say Trump, I say 45, but today I feel like we have to say Trump, because I do feel like he absolutely has to be impeached, and I do feel that once our lawmakers are out of lockdown, we need to make that really clear.

“He has two weeks left where he could literally do anything because he’s still the president for two weeks, so Donald Trump does have to be impeached immediately.”

Van Ness went on to urge followers to reach out to their elected representatives to urge them to join the fight to have Trump impeached.

Various lawmakers and LGBT+ organisations have called for Trump to be impeached after he encouraged his following of violent white supremacists to march to the Capitol on Wednesday (6 January) where riots promptly broke out.

The National LGBTQ Taskforce called for Trump to be “immediately removed” from office through the 25th Amendment on Thursday (7 January).

Trump has also been lambasted by all four living former presidents: George W Bush, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

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