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Tiffany Pollard gives truly pathetic excuse for ‘transphobic’ rant

Lily Wakefield January 1, 2021
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Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard said the LGBT+ community had "no reason" to be upset by her comments. (Instagram/ tiffany_hbic_pollard)

Tiffany Pollard has given a terrible non-apology for a shockingly anti-trans rant against a contestant on reality show One Mo’ Chance.

Pollard became an icon in the LGBT+ community for her appearance on VH1’s Flavor of Love in 2006, where she clashed with almost everyone in her quest to become Flavour Flav’s girlfriend.

But in a 13 December episode of reality television show One Mo’ Chance, which follows rapper Kamal “Chance” Givens as he looks for love, she launched an attack on contestant Tiffany Walker over her gender identity.

In a clip widely shared on social media, Pollard was interviewing the remaining contestants on the show to figure out who would be the best fit to date Givens and told Walker, who is cisgender, that she had not been “forthcoming”.

Pollard said: “You didn’t shed any light on the questions that I had and I feel like you have a situation, and I do believe that you are a man.”

When Walker replied that she knows she’s not, Pollard continued: “Does it bother you when I tell you that I feel like you’re a man, that you have genitalia, like penis, and balls, and sweaty d**k? What does that do to you, does that f**k with you, at all?”

“No,” the contestant replied. “That’s what scares me. And that’s why you’re going home,” Pollard told her, eliminating her from the contest.

Pollard received huge backlash for her anti-trans rant from the LGBT+ community, and she has now attempted to win back support with a non-apology.

Tiffany Pollard claims she doesn’t have a “transphobic bone” in her body

In an Instagram video posted on Thursday (31 December), Tiffany Pollard said: “You guys are mad at me today and there’s no reason to be… I don’t have a transphobic bone in my body.

“I love and respect everyone in the community. You guys always show up and show out for me. And the love is real.

“You should know that, I want you to feel that way. Let’s just say that clip that was seen, the woman in the clip was not transgendered, OK?

“I myself was born a woman and I always get mistaken as a man. Everywhere I go, the grocery store, the airport, I hear whispers: ‘That’s a man, that’s a guy, I know it.'”

Pollard confusingly said she directed her anti-trans rant at the contestant to test her.

She continued: “Me calling her a man, it wasn’t really, like, anything disrespectful. It was just me enduring and actually, you know, going through what I go through on a regular basis and just putting that on her to see how she can handle it.”

“What I’m saying is if I call a heterosexual, hereditary woman a man, I don’t want y’all to think that I’m trying to diss transgendered women,” she added.

The LGBT+ community was not even slightly convinced by the video. One former fan wrote on Twitter: “Woooow, she just managed to make this worse, this is flat out rude and insensitive. All I hear is excuses.”

Another added: “Silliness and memes aside… What Tiffany did was violent, and it’s that casual transphobia that can lead to the death of Black trans women… It’s not OK. And if you are a fan of hers you need to hold her to task, we all need to hold her to task.”

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