Jogger claims kangaroo attacked her in a violent rage because she was wearing Sarah Jessica Parker perfume

Josh Milton December 4, 2020
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A kangaroo and Sarah Jessica Parker

A kangaroo (L) attacked an jogger for, officials say, wearing a Sarah Jessica Parker perfume. (Getty)

An Australian jogger was jumped on by a kangaroo because she was wearing Sarah Jessica Parker perfume, only managing to escape after lobbing rocks at the hopping marsupial.

Tracy Noonan said she was assaulted by a kangaroo while exercising outside. She felt a “massive thump in the middle of my back” and was knocked to the ground.

“I put my head back down because I thought: ‘Oh my goodness, this is now going to claw me to death’,” she said, according to the New York Post.

The cranky kangaroo, clearly enraged that there won’t be a Sex and the City 3, attacked the jogger 28 November in Melbourne, Australia,

Officials believe that the kangaroo, a Kim Cattrall stan, no doubt, was aggravated by the runner’s scent – she spritzed a Parker fragrance before exercising.

‘It was like a horror movie’: Jogger chased by Kangaroo over Sarah Jessica Parker perfume.

As the kangaroo chased her down, Noonan threw rocks at it as she ducked into someone’s house. “The kangaroo was waiting for me,” she said.

The animal leapt over fences to reach her, then stared at her from afar for 20 minutes while standing in the homeowner’s driveway.

The chase, she said, made her feel like she was in a “horror movie”.

“It just kept coming and coming. I thought: ‘Oh my goodness, this kangaroo is going to kill me.'”

Park rangers later explained to Noonan why she became enemy number one to a local kangaroo – she was wearing Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Stash” perfume.

The unisex scent, which dropped in 2016, is a woody cocktail of black pepper, patchouli and massoia wood. Apparently, if you’re out exercising in Australia, you don’t wallaby wearing it.

“Who wears perfume on a run? No one,” Noonan reflected. “But it was early in the morning and I was fumbling around for deodorant and that was all I could find.

“I was not trying to attract any kangaroos, I can assure you that.”

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