Lil Nas X slut-shamed by far-right anti-LGBT+ conspiracist and Trump ally. The clap back was immaculate

Reiss Smith November 17, 2020
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Lil Nas X kissing a double of himself

Lil Nas X invented masturbation, apparently. (Getty/Twitter)

Lil Nas X shut down Angela Stanton King, failed congressional candidate, Trump ally and conspiracy theorist, after she tried to shame him.

Stanton King aired her tired views after Lil Nas X dropped his festive bottoming anthem “Holiday” along with a promo image of him preparing to kiss his own double.

“So this is what Black culture is pushing to our youth now?” she tweeted.

“Sex with everything and everyone including yourself? Is Lil Nas X tonguing himself down?”

The Grammy Award-winner side-stepped the many, many, many things wrong with Stanton King’s statement, and instead served up some scalding tea.

“Just say ur turned on and go.”

And once again, Lil Nas X was declared the winner of the internet for the day.

Angela Stanton King is a bigot, pardoned felon and conspiracy theorist.

Angela Stanton King was a high-profile ally of Donald Trump’s failed 2020 election campaign.

As well as attempting to win Black votes for the soon-to-be former president, in March Stanton King launched a bit to unseat civil rights icon John Lewis before his death.

She ultimately ran for his Atlanta, Georgia congressional seat against Democrat Nikema Williams, who replaced Lewis on the ballot after he passed away. Williams won 85 per cent of the vote to Stanton King’s 15 per cent.

A month before she launched her campaign, Stanton King was pardoned by Trump after a 2004 federal conviction for her role in a car-theft ring, for which she was handed a prison sentence.

During her campaign, she confirmed she subscribes to a debunked and unfounded conspiracy theory that the US-based furniture seller Wayfair is involved in child trafficking.

“You know they are. You saw it. You watch the news just like I did,” she told the Guardian.

Before walking out of the interview, Stanton King denied “knowing anything” about the QAnon conspiracy theory, despite having parroted a number of fake stories linked to it.

In July she said unrest related to COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement was “a major cover up for paedophilia and human trafficking”, and claimed the election was about “globbal [sic] elite pedophiles trafficking children”. She offered no explanation for either statement.

Stanton King also has a long record of sharing anti-LGBT+ content, linking homosexuality to paedophilia on more than one occasion and attacking Dwyane Wade for accepting his trans daughter Zaya with a vile rant citing “confusion, pedophilia, and sexual exploitation”.

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