13 November 2020

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grindr robbery

Teen deliberately targeted gay man on Grindr for knife-point robbery thinking he would be ‘easy meat’

Melissa McCarthy apologises for supporting anti-abortion fundamentalists who called gay sex ‘immoral’

Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito attacked marriage equality while giving the keynote speech at the Federalist Society convention

Supreme Court justice thinks Americans have more of a right to be homophobic than marry or have an abortion

Kiran wearing a yellow princess dress as his mother kneels next to him in a matching yellow skirt

Groundbreaking documentary series narrated by Olivia Colman explores how all children have a fluid sense of gender

Teens deny hurling homophobia at gay bar with laughable excuse

Teens deny hurling homophobia at gay bar with laughable excuse – and their judge was having none of it

Church of England declares sex is only for married, heterosexual couples

The Church of England is ‘deaf to the cries’ of the LGBT+ people it is harming. Its recent actions have proven that

Family drags lesbian from her home and flogs her in front of her village

Homophobic family drags lesbian from her own home and publicly flogs her in front of her village

Jake Borelli as Dr Levi Schmitt and Alex Landi as Dr Nico Kim.

Gay Grey’s Anatomy doctors return with a handy example of how to have safer oral sex during a pandemic

Fans dressed in Britney's Toxic flight attendant outfit and Hit Me Baby schoolgirls outfit

Free Britney Spears rally unites drag queens and die-hard fans to demand an end to ‘toxic’ conservatorship

Ritz crackers queer holiday advert

Heartwarming new Ritz crackers holiday ad celebrates LGBT+ love and the beauty of chosen family

Harry Styles in a tuxedo jacket and ballgown on the cover of Vogue, sucking a balloon

Harry Styles opens up about love of women’s clothes while turning looks and stunting pretty in a ballgown on cover of Vogue

Trump supporter restraining order

Fragile Trump supporter files restraining order after children decorate his street in LGBT+ chalk art

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