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Phillip Schofield snaps at Donald Trump superfan for laying into Joe Biden live on air

Patrick Kelleher November 4, 2020
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Phillip Schofield Donald Trump

Phillip Schofield snapped at Trump supporter Toni Holt as she repeatedly interrupted him and refused to answer questions (This Morning/Metro)

Phillip Schofield snapped at Donald Trump supporter Toni Holt on Wednesday’s episode of This Morning after she dodged questions about the president.

Holt, creator of The Trumpettes and a personal friend to Trump, was interviewed by Schofield and co-host Holly Willoughby as counting continued in the presidential election.

However, the interview rapidly disintegrated as Holt became defensive and dodged Willoughby’s questions on why Trump had disregarded the democratic process and claimed an early victory while counting was ongoing.

Holt instead used her time on the show to lay into Joe Biden, all the while ignoring questions about Trump.

Phillip Schofield threatened to end his interview with Donald Trump supporter Toni Holt as she repeatedly dodged questions.

Phillip Schofield intervened and attempted to get the interview back on track, telling Holt: “Let’s talk about Donald Trump, that’s why we’re here.”

But Holt refused to listen to his questions and repeatedly spoke over him. Schofield, visibly furious, told Holt: “We’ve limited time. Now, otherwise we’ll just stop. So, I want to talk to you about what the president said today, which he did say, which was on TV…”

As Holt continued to speak over him, Schofield said: “Do you not listen to anything?! You have to stop. STOP. Let me ask you a question, please.”

He continued: “So, the president today said that he would go to the Supreme Court, and to prevent the rest of the votes from counting which, as we’ve heard is in direct contravention to your own country’s democracy. What do you think about that?”

Holt hit back at Schofield, accusing him of “answering and asking his own question”, and went on to talk once more about polling.

“With the greatest respect, you haven’t answered the question,” Schofield said.

“Which is the fact that he was challenging, directly challenging, the democracy of the United States by saying that people who have legitimately and legally cast their votes could not have them counted.”

Holt finally made an attempt to answer Schofield’s question, but it didn’t exactly end well, as she denied that Trump had said he didn’t want votes counted. The president made those claims at the White House on Wednesday.

She accused Phillip Schofield of “twisting” Trump’s words, adding: “What he said was by the showing and today, which is a fact, today, most of the voters that turned out today, were Trump supporters.”

The US president faced condemnation when he tried to claim an early victory in the election.

Donald Trump faced near global condemnation on Wednesday morning (4 November) when he attempted to declare an early victory in the presidential election, despite the fact that results are still being counted and are too close to call.

The president also made an empty accusation of fraud in the election, saying it was “an embarrassment to our country”.

It had been widely predicted that Trump would attempt to undermine democracy by claiming the Democrats were trying to steal the election through postal votes.

Myriad experts have said that postal votes are secure, valid, and were not at any risk of fraud.

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