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Sam Smith reveals they are open to dating any gender: ‘Whoever I fall for, that’s who I fall for’

Lily Wakefield October 31, 2020
Sam Smith

Sam Smith has revealed that they are open to dating any gender. (Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Sam Smith has revealed that they would be open to dating someone of any gender, explaining: “Whoever I fall for, that’s who I fall for.”

The 28-year-old singer has previously spoken about dating men, and previously had a “whirlwind romance” with 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn starting in 2017.

But speaking with The Sun on Friday (October 30) to mark the release of their new album Love Goes, Sam Smith said they would be open to having a partner of any gender.

Smith said: “I’ve never really kind of played by the rulebook. I love people and whoever I fall for, that’s who I fall for. I don’t know who that’s going to be.

“Now I don’t know what gender they will be, to be quite honest, and that’s a freeing thing — to not be limited to one category of person. I just fall in love with whoever I fall in love with.

“I generally have never really thought about people, any human beings, in rigid terms.

“I’ve grown up in a family where the gender power balance and all these things were completely shifted. My mum worked, my dad was a househusband. My sisters are incredibly strong women.”

They explained that their new album was inspired by their relationship with Flynn and the couple’s break-up in 2018. 

“When people say break-up album, it’s like, it is, but it’s more about how a break-up changes you,” they said, “especially your first one.”

“You know, this is about my first ever relationship and I think anyone’s first relationship is a big thing.

“But a queer person’s first relationship is a huge thing sometimes, because it’s where you discover the most about yourself.

“And so it’s more about me and my journey after that, really. But yeah, it is basically a break-up album.”

Asked what the future holds for their love life, and whether they had had bad experiences with dating, Smith said: “Oh many, many, many. Yeah, of course.

“Thank God I’ve had them too. I’m trying to look at all experiences now as a wonderful thing.

“Fame in general, it takes a minute to get your head round it. I think it’s just going to take a little bit longer for me to find someone.

“And also I’m too busy, if I’m honest, to facilitate any sort of relationship.”

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