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Joe Biden kissing his son is ‘creepy’ and inappropriate, claims right-wing pundit. The backlash was swift

Josh Milton October 22, 2020
John Cardillo dubbed a photograph of Joe Biden kissing his son, Hunter, on the cheek as 'inappropriate'. (Getty/Twitter)

John Cardillo dubbed a photograph of Joe Biden kissing his son, Hunter, on the cheek as 'inappropriate'. (Getty/Twitter)

Joe Biden kissing his son Hunter on the cheek is “creepy”, according to cop turned right-wing pundit John Cardillo.

Cardillo opened his window Thursday morning (October 22), saw a world rumbled by simultaneous viral, political and social pandemics, and thought: yes, today is the day I will make a weird take-down about Joe Biden and his only living son.

The former police officer, now a Newsmax TV host, took to Twitter to share his ice-cold take.

Sharing a photograph of the presidential candidate and his son, he asked: “Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?”

He later followed up with: “Good morning to everyone except the creepy Bidens and their creepy staged pics.”

Trying to eke out a victory for Donald Trump by saying it’s not “appropriate” for a father to show love and affection towards his son is definitely a new one for the US election bingo card.

Cardillo’s tweet prompted two types of reaction – mockery, and those that came armed with facts.

People laid it out – toxic masculinity snarls many fathers from telling their sons that they love them.

While many wondered why Donald Trump kissing his daughter Ivanka wasn’t being scrutinised.

Other users reminisced about their own parents and guardians, and the way affection can have a life-long impact.

And of course, a new meme was born.

Joe Biden’s son targeted by Republican smear campaign.

Hunter Biden, 50, is the middle of three children Joe Biden had with his first wife, Neilia. She and their youngest, Naomi, died in a tragic car crash in 1972.

Hunter and his brother Beau Biden survived the accident, however Beau died due to brain cancer in 2015.

Hunter, a lawyer, has become the subject of debunked right-wing conspiracies throughout election season.

Attempts by Republican leaders to tarnish the Biden name with wrongdoing and scandal found their claims of improper influence to be false by Senate Republicans’ investigations.

John Cardillo has a long legacy of anti-LGBT+ comments, such as saying that trans people have “psychological issues” or that, no, a president shouldn’t be an “LGBT ally” as it’s not in their “job description”.

“‘Commander-in-Chief is,” Cardillo said, adding that Trump “did his job” when he banned trans people from the military.


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