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‘Gender reveal Karen’ accused of violent racist attack on Black family over private party

Patrick Kelleher October 21, 2020
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Karen of Saratoga gender reveal party

The "Karen of Saratoga" lashed out violently at a Black family who were hosting a gender reveal party (Twitter)

A white woman has been branded the “Karen of Saratoga” after she attacked a Black family for hosting a gender reveal party.

The woman’s shocking outburst quickly made local news headlines after Sacramento-based hip-hop artist Elijah Johnson shared video footage of the incident on Twitter.

“Karen of Saratoga,” he captioned the video. “This happened at my cousin’s gender reveal party… in my attempt to deescalate the situation she kicks my car and then does this… #Karen.”

The ‘Karen of Saratoga’ didn’t bother to wear a mask while shouting angrily at a Black family at a gender reveal party.

In the video, the woman can be seen kicking a car before running towards the house, where she then violently starts kicking the door.

Johnson, who was recording the incident from inside, opened the window, which prompted the woman to run over to him and scream that the party is “illegal”.

“I’m having friends over,” Johnson replied.

“That’s bulls**t,” the woman said.

“And you’re kicking my door? You’re crazy,” he says, before the woman punches the phone out of his hand.

The family did not live at the address in Saratoga, California, but had rented the home to host their gender reveal party, according to KRON.

Johnson told the news outlet that he believed the woman’s anger was motivated by racism, as they were a Black family hosting a gathering in a predominantly white neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, the homeowner claimed that the woman’s anger was likely motivated by the coronavirus pandemic and that her insistence that the gathering was “illegal” was related to health restrictions.

There is currently a stay-at-home order in place in the state of California, with residents asked to avoid leaving their place of residence except for work, shopping or other errands.

However, if the Karen of Saratoga’s anger was based on slowing the spread of COVID-19, she could have considered wearing a mask and keeping her distance – neither of which she did.

The inventor of the gender reveal party – where adults gather to unveil which genitals their child will have and assign them a gender as such – recently shared her regrets over “creating a monster”.

“The problem is they overemphasise one aspect of a person,” Jenna Karvunidis told the Guardian in June.

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