Patti LuPone dons a MAGA hat and dusts off an iconic showtune to tell Donald Trump in no uncertain terms: “Kindly f**k off’

Patrick Kelleher October 8, 2020
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Patti LuPone Donald Trump

Patti LuPone mocks Donald Trump in a truly iconic parody with Randy Rainbow (YouTube)

Patti LuPone has told Donald Trump to “kindly f**k off” in a spectacular showtune duet with Randy Rainbow.

LuPone dueted with the singer and comedian in a song called “If Donald Got Fired”, sung to the tune of “If Momma Was Married” from the classic musical Gypsy.

The video opens with Rainbow standing in as moderator at a presidential debate, with both Trump and Joe Biden in attendance.

“Mr President, here’s a softball for you,” Randy Rainbow says to Trump. “Can I just get you to, if you don’t mind, maybe condemn white supremacy real quick?”

When Trump doesn’t answer, both candidates start speaking over each other, prompting Rainbow to launch into a high-pitched scream.

“I’m having a panic attack!” he declares, and at that moment, Broadway legend Patti LuPone appears in a puff of smoke beside him.

“You and me both,” she says.

“Oh my God, Patti LuPone? What are you doing here? I’m busy,” Rainbow says.

“When gay men are in crisis, I just materialise,” LuPone replies.

The pair then launch into song, where they imagine what it would be like if Trump was “dumped”, “shafted” or “William Howard Taft-ed”, referring to the 27th president of the United States, who lost out on a second term in office to Woodrow Wilson.

“If Donald got fired, we could go back to life as we once knew it: miserable and unfair but at least without the daily threat of complete authoritarianism and apocalyptic destruction,” Rainbow declares.

LuPone sings: “If Donald got fired, would that be sublime. I’d put down my bottles and bongs. I’d be back on Broadway belting Sondheim instead of cheap internet parody songs.”

Throughout their iconic performance, LuPone and Rainbow tell Trump that he is no Abraham Lincoln, and imagine a life free from his incessant tweeting.

They go on to beg Trump to leave public office – and they plead with him to take Lindsey Graham with him when he goes.

LuPone even imitates Trump, bellowing “fake news, fake news” while standing on a podium and wearing a “MAGA” hat.

“Donald, don’t stand there and scoff, with all due respect, please kindly f**k off,” LuPone and Rainbow sing, closing out their song.

Patti LuPone is not a Donald Trump fan.

This is not the first time Patti LuPone has spoken out against Trump – in fact, she has turned it into an art form since the tax-avoiding former businessman took office.

Just days ago, she sent Twitter into a frenzy after she mocked Trump for his bizarre Evita-like balcony address, in which he appeared to be struggling for breath – likely due to the fact that he has COVID-19.

LuPone, who won a Tony for her stage performance of Eva Peron in Evita, tweeted an image of Trump on the White House balcony and wrote: “I still have the lung power and I wore less makeup. This revival is closing November 3.”

Fans insisted that LuPone had “won the internet”, with one writing: “I have not stopped laughing for the past three hours over this. Patti LuPone is a national treasure! Donald Trump, you are not fit to ascend her balcony!”



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