2 October 2020

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Gay guy invents hot dog privacy screen for self-conscious straight men

Gay guy invents ‘hot dog privacy screen’ for self-conscious straight men to chow down on weiners

Sofie Hagen

Pansexual comedian Sofie Hagen says it doesn’t make them any less queer that they’ve only slept with cis men

San Diego Loyal clashed with Phoniex Rising after the rival team allegedly called their gay midfield as "b***y boy". (Screen capture via Twitter)

Astonishing video shows San Diego Loyal manager standing up to homophobia before team walk off in protest

Pope denies Mike Pompeo

Trump lackey Mike Pompeo denied audience with the Pope as Vatican condemns using ‘religious freedom’ to rollback LGBT+ rights

Joe Biden tops Donald Trump in significant new poll of LGBT voters

Joe Biden tops Donald Trump in significant new poll, with three-quarters of LGBT+ voters saying enough is enough

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau calls on MPs to finally ban traumatising conversion therapy. In the UK, Boris Johnson waits for more ‘research’

Gold Coast bar sat on the southeast corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and North La Jolla Avenue

Beloved and iconic gay ‘dive bar’, home to countless queers, closes its doors for good after 39 years thanks to coronavirus

Gay man being brutally beaten on the street while filming a TikTok

Terrifying footage shows young gay man being brutally beaten on the street while filming a TikTok

Gay men with children could be arrested in Russia

Meanwhile, in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, gay men with children have been warned by authorities they face arrest

Gay couple kicked out of taxi by homophobic driver for being affectionate

Gay couple booted out of taxi driver’s car mid-journey for placing their hands on each other’s knees

Rock Hudson

Remembering Rock Hudson, Hollywood’s dazzling closeted heartthrob, 35 years since his tragic death from AIDS-related complications

Hilary Swank says trans actor would've been better for Boys Don't Cry

Hilary Swank says trans actor would’ve been ‘more right’ for her Oscar-winning role in Boys Don’t Cry

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