25 September 2020

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Shore School bullying

Elite boys school was a hotbed of ‘daily sustained violent homophobia’ and ‘hyper masculine’ bullying, ex-students claim

Karamo Brown and Ian Jordan attend Family Equality Council's Impact Awards at The Globe Theatre

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown calls off wedding to boyfriend of 10 years after quarantine engagement

Parent of transgender teenager debunks 'tired' anti-trans claims

New LGBT-inclusive education guidance comes with a majorly problematic caveat for trans kids


Church Zoom meeting flooded with hardcore gay porn, Nazi flags and foul abuse by hackers

There’s a whole raft of new LGBT-inclusive and gender-neutral emojis headed for your phone

Bobby Jones Washington State

Mum of trans teen describes ‘heartbreaking, gut punch’ moment her son was kicked off the boys’ football team

Lindsey Graham. (Screen capture via Twitter/Fox)

Raging homophobe Lindsey Graham went on live TV to moan about people ‘hating his guts’ and we can’t imagine why

Joe Biden

Joe Biden vows to transform the White House from ‘a source of oppression’ into a beacon for LGBT+ rights

Michael Cashman. (Screen capture via Parliament Live)

Michael Cashman asked the government to explain where in the world cis men have abused self-ID to hurt women. They couldn’t

Aerrion Burnnett Black trans woman murdered

‘Goddess’ Aerrion Burnett becomes the 27th known trans person murdered in the United States this year so far

Matt Bomer in American Horror Story

Matt Bomer reveals his ultra-religious father would ‘bring the hammer down’ while he was figuring out his sexuality as a teen

Cynthia Nixon Sharon Stone

Cynthia Nixon backs calls for Sharon Stone to be Sex and the City’s new Samantha Jones

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