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23 September 2020

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Right-wing pastor and professional weirdo Robert Henderson brags he ‘prayed for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death’

Soraya Santiago

Soraya Santiago, the first-ever out trans person to run for US office and a ‘heroine in the fight for dignity’, tragically dies aged 73

US senator Kelly Loeffler

Republican senator Kelly Loeffler wants to rewrite civil rights laws to legally erase trans kids from sports


Homophobic thugs spewed ‘appalling’ abuse before ‘viciously’ assaulting and robbing a man just for existing

JK Rowling school

JK Rowling’s ‘cross-dressing serial killer’ book tops the charts – and people are pointing out the glaringly obvious

Lady Gaga, more talented than Da Vinci and Da Vinky combined, in the music video for '911'. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Lady Gaga almost passed out in a ‘erotic-asphyxiation gimp suit’ on the set of her surreal ‘911’ video

Labour shadow equalities secretary Marsha de Cordova poses for a photograph

Liz Truss fails to answer straightforward questions during trans healthcare grilling from Labour’s Marsha de Cordova


7 of the most annoying, ridiculous and intrusive questions bisexual people have to put up with every single day

TikTok censorship bullying

TikTok insists it ‘celebrates and protects’ queer creators but apologises for censoring ‘vulnerable’ LGBT+ users

Kit Harington

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington reflects on his ‘gender fluid’ upbringing and the ’emotional blockage’ of toxic masculinity

Jacqueline Wilson

Tracy Beaker author Jacqueline Wilson says her ‘disapproving’ mother reacted ‘awkwardly’ when she came out

Tiger King star Joe Exotic with first husband Brian Rhyne

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic held his first husband in his arms as he died from AIDS complications

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