22 September 2020

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Illinois Republican lawmaker Amy Grant 'apologised' to her opponent by reading a one-sentence statement to his voicemail inbox

Republican caught in homophobic, racist rant about gay Black rival. Her apology is so weak she shouldn’t have even bothered

bisexual teacher

Bisexual teacher banned from flying the Pride flag in her classroom because it’s ‘political’. She’s not taking it lying down

Transgender people should be able to get hormones from the GP, MPs told

In true Boris Johnson fashion, the ‘new’ gender clinics announced by his government aren’t even new

Joe Biden tops Donald Trump in significant new poll of LGBT voters

Donald Trump really wants you know he’s thrilled to be bottom when it comes to queer men on hook-up apps

Vulnerable LGBT+ teens feel less supported by their parents than they would have 20 years ago, alarming study finds

Gay district kebab shop issues grovelling apology for 'homophobic' meme

Kebab shop owner thinks he’s allowed to make ‘homophobic jokes’ because gay people don’t visit his restaurant

Marsha de Cordova, Labour, and Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrats,

Labour and Lib Dems vow to keep fighting for Gender Recognition Act reform and to never play ‘political games’ with trans lives

Lesbian couples are struggling to access IVF on the NHS

Lesbians resort to ‘egg sharing’ to afford IVF treatment as archaic NHS rules continue to discriminate against queer couples

LGBT+ young people are more than four times more likely to contemplate suicide than their peers

‘Vital’ suicide prevention bill becomes first LGBT-inclusive law unanimously approved by Congress in history

Catholic potential supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett

The ‘frontrunner’ to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a staunch Catholic who believes marriage is between a man and a woman

Gender Recognition Act: Anti-trans respondents outnumbered trans people

There were more responses to the Gender Recognition Act consultation from an anti-trans pressure group than actual trans people

Jackie Stallone making her iconic Celebrity Big Brother entrance.

Jackie Stallone, the ‘eccentric’ Big Brother star and ‘remarkable’ camp icon, has died aged 98

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