A transphobe wanted to teach his cis sister ‘a lesson’ after she got engaged to a trans man. So he killed her

Josh Milton September 19, 2020
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Maria Paola Gaglione (R) died in a motorcycle accident after her brother, enraged she was marrying a trans man, tailed her. (Facebook)

Maria Paola Gaglione (R) died in a motorcycle accident after her brother, enraged she was marrying a trans man Ciro Migloiore (L), tailed her. (Facebook)

A trans man was seriously injured and his fiancé, a cisgender woman, tragically slain by her transphobic brother who wanted to “teach her” a lesson.

Maria Paola Gaglione, 22, was riding on a motorcycle with her fiancé, Ciro Migliore, towards their home in Acerra, a town in southern Italy, on September 11, when her brother appeared behind them.

Michele Antonio, 30, then abruptly began tailing the two, investigators said, and started to ram their vehicle with his own, causing them to tailspin and crash.

Loved ones of Maria spoke of her brother as a dominant figure in her life who disapproved of her marrying a trans man, local media reported.

Relatives claimed her death was an “accident”, but said the two had a storied past of squabbling over Maria’s relationship.

“Michele had gone out to convince his sister Maria Paola to return home, but he did not ram her, it was an accident,” the family, based in Caivano, Naples, said.

When investigators asked Michele why he slammed into his sister and her fiancé’s motorcycle, he bluntly said: “I wanted to teach her a lesson, not kill her.”

Authorities arriving at the scene said they found Michele pummelling the unconscious body of Migliore, who had a fractured arm and was covered in bruises.

He was arrested by police and held in a prison in Poggioreale. He has not yet been charged.

Trans man remembers his late fiancé, killed by her own transphobic brother.

In a heart-wrenching Instagram post, Migliore remembered his partner of three years as someone whom he would never stop loving.

“I can no longer imagine my life without you,” he wrote.

“I can not. I can’t sleep anymore I think of you, my love, I miss you, I miss you so much.”

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Amore mio.., oggi sono esattamente 3 anni di noi, 3 anni. A prenderci e lasciarsi in continuazione.. avevo la mia vita come tu avevi la tua.. ma non abbiamo mai smesso di amarci.. dopo 3 anni ti stavo vivendo ma la vita mi ha tolto l’amore mio più grande la mia piccola. Non posso accettarlo perché Dio non mi ha chiamato me? Perché proprio a te amore mio.. non riesco più a immaginare la mia vita senza te.. non ci riesco. Non riesco più a dormire penso a te 24 su 24 amore mio, mi manchi, mi manchi tantissimo. Eri l’unica per me, l’unica che mi amava veramente. Non posso accettarlo ancora.. non ci riesco. Mi mancano le tue carezze.. mi manca quanto mi svegliavi la mattina a darmi fastidio. Mi manca tutto di te., non ho mai smesso di amarti dal primo giorno che ti ho vista.., Ti amerò sempre piccola mia.??

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The roadside scene of mayhem has since been replaced by one of reverence – bouquets of flowers, candles and handwritten notes were placed by mourners where Maria and her fiancé were found.

The head of Comitato Provinciale Arcigay Di Napoli Onlus, a regional LGBT+ organisation, said he was “shocked and angry” at the incident.

“This is a heinous case in which they manifest themselves two serious violence, [the murder of a woman] and an act of transphobia,” said president Daniela Falanga.

Falanga said it was one of the most “explicit cases” of transphobia she has witnessed, signalling the depth of anger and impunity felt by transphobic people.


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