Jonathan Van Ness has had it with ‘entitled nightmare’ and ‘ruiner of legacies’ JK Rowling. Officially

Josh Milton September 18, 2020
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Jonathan Van Ness and JK Rowling

Jonathan Van Ness criticised JK Rowling. (Getty/FilmMagic)

Jonathan Van Ness took aim at JK Rowling Thursday afternoon (September 17) in a series of tweets calling the author an “entitled nightmare”.

Van Ness, 33, lit into Rowling after it was revealed that new book, Troubled Blood, depicts a cis man cross-dressing to kill women.

The novel has sparked a widespread backlash, with critics accusing Rowling of relying on an old, anti-trans trope.

The Queer Eye star gave his own take, suggesting a new title for the author.

He tweeted: “The entitled nightmare & the ruiner of legacies, JK Rowling’s new title for new book.”

In a pair of follow-up tweets, Van Ness said: “I’m wondering why so many people I look up to still follow this transphobic author.

“We have 37 states trying to enact transphobic policy. This constant proliferation of transphobic language by thought leaders is dangerous, so why are you still supporting her?”

“Look at what she’s retweeting,” he urged, sharing a screen capture of a tweet amplified by Rowling that made brazen, disingenuous claims about Stonewall’s stance on trans inclusion in sports.

“So f***ing stupid,” he added.

JK Rowling’s legacy as a beloved children’s author lies in tatters.

With her sprawling blog posts and relentless Twitter threads, Rowling has yawned a cavernous gap between her and many slices of her fanbase with her thorny comments on trans people.

As much as many have sought to downplay the beloved author’s once occasional dips into trans issues – the odd liked tweet or followed account – the voracity of Rowling’s views in recent months has left fans aghast and unsettled.

The JK Rowling book has now been published - and it includes some extremely problematic elements
JK Rowling. (Walter McBride/WireImage)

As much as Rowling has said she “knows and loves” trans people, she has been criticised by the community for comparing healthcare options for trans youth to conversion therapy, and siding with anti-trans figures, among other things.

In the ensuing uproar, many Harry Potter enthusiasts have resorted to reimagining the Wizarding World without its creator or walked away from the fandom altogether.

In recent months the Harry Potter film leads, staffers at her publishing house as well as the bosses behind a major Harry Potter video game have all distanced themselves from Rowling’s views.

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