No, a same-sex couple didn’t ‘celebrate the world’s first anal birth’ after a ‘rectal-ovary transplant’

Lily Wakefield September 15, 2020
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The photo of the same-sex couple actually shows Toronto dads BJ Barone and Frank Nelson holding their son Milo, who was born by a surrogate, for the first time. (Facebook)

A fake news story has gone viral on social media about a same-sex couple “celebrating the world’s first anal birth” after a “rectal ovary transplant”, and the homophobes are actually buying it.

The story was published by “hate-baiting” fake news site World News Daily Report, whose tagline is “where facts don’t matter”.

According to the fact-checking site Snopes, the “hate-baiting fake news website” is a “well-known purveyor of fake news [and] has a long history of publishing misinformation and an apparent fascination with bestiality”.

The World News Daily Report read: “A Los Angeles same-sex couple has successfully given birth anally to a healthy 8.2-pound baby for the first time in history.

“The LGBT+ community worldwide has received the news of the rectal birth with open arms as the revolutionary medical procedure could enable millions of fertility-challenged couples to procreate.

“James Bent, 37, received donated ovaries from his sister Leila Bent, 32, which were later successfully transplanted into his rectum and which enabled the anal birth to occur.”

According to Snopes, the article uses a photo a real doctor named Samir Kapadia from the Cleveland Clinic, but names him as “Dr Peter Krisnawasti” and claims that he performed the “transplant”.

The photo of the same-sex couple actually shows Toronto dads BJ Barone and Frank Nelson holding their son Milo, who was born by a surrogate, for the first time. Their photo was also previously used by an anti-LGBT+ Irish parliamentary candidate.

A “researcher” at California Medical Center is quoted as saying: “It is not unimaginable that in the near future, fertility-challenged couples will be able to transplant their ovaries into the rectum of animals such as cows and pigs and bypass the pointless and painful hassle of the pregnancy process altogether.”

The article has been shared to Facebook from the World News Daily Report website 3,000 times, and has also made its way onto Twitter.

It has sparked a wave of online hate, with homophobes actually believing that the story is true, despite the site’s disclaimer that it “assumes all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content”.

One Twitter user wrote: “Is this a MF JOKE? Why can’t gay ppl just be gay and adopt a kid? As my grandmother would say ‘we living in our last days’! WTF.”

“As a WOMAN I’m tired of imposters,” said another. “God gave WOMAN the right to have children and no one else. He gave all females the right to have children.

“He also burdened us with painful labor because of Eve’s actions. With that said, this is the most unGodly thing I’ve seen today.”

A third homophobe replied: “WTF! These guys will not be satisfied until their legally allowed to have sex with children. Crazy!”

As one Twitter user put it: “Like how does ur brain reading ‘anal birth’ make you go ‘ah yes time to let everyone know i’m internally misogynistic and also a lil homophobic for a little added spice’.”

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