10 August 2020

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Jesus statue with rainbow flag and anarchist bandana

Non-binary Polish activist detained for two months over LGBT+ protests ‘thrown into unmarked car and subjected to transphobia’

Tories are condemning LGBT kids by axing vital anti-bullying funding

It may be the middle of summer recess, Boris Johnson, but a new wave of trans rights protests is just around the corner

Philippines school LGBT gay

Catholic school insists it’s not prejudiced because it only thinks homosexuality is ‘immoral’ – not homosexuals themselves

GRA inquiry: Tell the women and equalities committee about trans equality

Overwhelming majority of Brits think transphobia is wrong, says study – but fewer are ready to put their money where their mouths are

Trans man Drew Adams

Trans student forced to use wrong school bathroom wins landmark case guaranteeing others won’t share his ‘humiliation’

Democratic state senator Scott Wiener

Trailblazing gay Democrat threatened with ‘public execution’ by ‘homophobic, antisemitic’ trolls over LGBT+ rights bill

Jackie Kay poet Scotland

Acclaimed lesbian poet Jackie Kay ‘so happy to have been raised by communists’ after birth father’s ‘shocking’ response to her sexuality

Love, Victor, the television spin-off to the trailblazing movie, Love, Simon. (Hulu)

Love, Victor is officially coming back with an ‘edgier’ second season dealing with sex, religion and race in America

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais, who has a tasteless history of making jokes about trans people, is unsurprisingly opposed to cancel culture

The Owl House's Luz and Amity dancing at prom, holding hands and looking at each other lovingly

Disney finally makes queer history with long-awaited bisexual lead

LGBT+ response Beirut explosion

Lebanese expats launch fundraising drive to ‘rebuild Beirut with Pride’ after devastating blast wiped out city’s queer scene

Alex Morse Congress Mayor Massachusetts

Gay mayor under fire for hook-ups with ‘college students’ claims he’s being smeared by ‘age-old gay stereotypes’

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