4 August 2020

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Banker sues firm named ‘most inclusive financial services employer’ after being ‘denied a promotion’ because he’s gay

Lifetime lgbt Christmas

Lifetime set to finally give the gays everything they ever wanted for Christmas with its first-ever LGBT+ holiday film

Retired lesbian footballer Lori Lindsey is fighting for trans girls to play sport

Lesbian football icon Lori Lindsey launches blistering attack on transphobes while defending the rights of trans girls to play sports

Anti-LGBT+ Republican who tried to block ‘dangerous’ lockdown has – you guessed it – tested positive for coronavirus

Darin Zanyar, better known as Darin. (Instagram)

Darin Zanyar, the heartthrob who became Sweden’s king of pop, just came out as gay

Traveller Pride launches trans solidarity fund: 'A bright spot in a dark time'

This is the constant battle trans Travellers face while living through the pandemic: ‘It’s like how a mouse feels when standing on a trap’

Janet Mock graces the cover of British Vogue for historic September issue

Pose director Janet Mock graces the cover of British Vogue for historic September issue

Katy Perry (L) enthusiastically threw her support to Ellen DeGeneres amid accusations of bullying. (Getty)

Katy Perry leapt to the defence of Ellen DeGeneres and fans were quick to point out the searingly obvious

Lush shop front / sign reading: Please do not enter our store with signs of Covid-19, Racism, homophobia, sexism or transphobia

Lush warns bigots in no uncertain terms ‘don’t enter with signs of transphobia’ after store targeted with hate

Caitlyn Jenner Kanye West

Caitlyn Jenner says ‘good friend’ Kanye West has been ‘extremely supportive’ since she came out as trans

Ellen DeGerenes

Ellen DeGeneres has reportedly been dubbed ‘Talk Show Karen’ by her unhappy staff

homophobic attack on a gay Arab Israeli couple

Hundreds of people stand by and watch as young gay Arab couple is spat on and beaten mercilessly in horrific homophobic attack

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