Republican uses city hall meeting to attack gay people for being ‘against the bible’ and ask ‘what about the white people?’

Josh Milton July 9, 2020
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Indiana councillor Roger Galloway (R) made controversial comments at a city council meeting. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Indiana councillor Roger Galloway (R) made controversial comments at a city council meeting. (Screen capture via Twitter)

An Indiana official weathered criticism Tuesday (July 7) after saying that being LGBT+ is “against the bible” before asking the Black Lives Matter movement: “How ’bout the white people?”

Republican La Porte city councillor Roger Galloway made his barbed remarks during a City Hall meeting, in which a resident asked officials to increase and better support LGBT+ visibility and youth resources in the northern town.

At a separate point in the meeting, the 70-year-old attacked the wave of demonstrations against discriminatory, racist police practises. He admitted to not understanding the basis of the protests, but nevertheless decided to give his opinion on the matter.

City councillor: ‘Do you know that [being LGBT+] is against the Bible?’

In the footage of the meeting, Galloway responds to a civilian’s query by saying: “LGB, like, you’re talking gay people, stuff like that, right?

“Do you know that’s against the Bible? Anybody ever read the Bible?”

The person, not visible, hits back: “I actually have, yes.”

Galloway grumbles, then adds: “That’s my comment.”

Later, Galloway ripped into Black Lives Matter, punctuating his criticism with the admissions that he has no idea what the movement even is.

“I was in Vietnam,” he sputters in the clip, “I don’t care if they were purple, we fought for each other we took care of each other.

“You have Black Lives Matters? How about the Hispanics, the Asians, the white people? We’re all here.

“I still don’t understand it. Of course, I’m 70 years old, but, uh, let’s wake up and take care of everybody in our community.

“Our whole country. I don’t understand Black Lives Matters, I probably never will but it’s for all of us, Okay? That’s my comment.”

Roger Galloway issues grovelling apology, says he is open to being educated on LGBT+ rights.  

La Porte’s mayor Tom Dermody denounced Galloway’s comments, stressing that they are not reflective of the city.

“The things said at last night’s City Council meeting are unacceptable,” Dermody told NWI Times.

“These comments are not reflective of the goals we have for the future of LaPorte, nor are they representative of our city government team as a whole.

“We want our community to be a place that is welcoming to all and will continue working hard to ensure that is the case.”

As a result of a brewing backlash, the councillor later issued an apology. “I apologise for my comments at the City Council meeting last night,” he said.

“La Porte is a welcoming community and my remarks did not reflect that. My personal opinions and beliefs should never get in the way of my ability to represent our community as a whole.

“The LGBTQ representatives from the meeting have agreed to meet with me in the coming days. I am grateful for their willingness to have a conversation so I can learn more and develop a better understanding.”

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