Billy Porter’s hat, the invention of iced coffee and Ryan Phillippe’s a** make Bowen Yang’s top culture moments in history

Josh Milton July 3, 2020
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Ryan Phillippe (top-centre) and Ryan Phillippe's butt, (bottom-centre) in Cruel Intentions. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Ryan Phillippe (top-centre) and Ryan Phillippe's butt, (bottom-centre) in Cruel Intentions. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Do you remember five minutes ago? An hour ago? Last week?

Like the rest of us trapped in the seething hellfire that is 2020, your answers to these questions will likely be a terse “no”. Time has compressed, and what was the Big Thing two nanoseconds ago has already folded over by the time you finish this sentence.

But enter gay Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang who has valiantly roped together 200 of what, he says, are the best moments in our collective culture history. What cultural themes, trends, people or moments have defined humanity, say he?

Well, you can absolutely bet that Britney Spears – celebrated socialist and occasional singer – did. Nintendo’s video game series Mario Kart also makes an appearance (Kim Cattrall is no doubt happy at that, or a little too happy, actually) as well as Shelly Duvall’s grating performance in The Shining.

Oh, and Ryan Phillippe’s a**. Truly the pinnacle of human achievement.

Ryan Phillippe’s a** is one of the top 200 moments in culture history, says Bowen Yang.

Other notable peaks of history include the literal big bang theory, Nicole Kidman’s American accent, Kate Winslet’s American accent, Jane Fonda workouts and the time division cracked across the globe as people debated whether M&Ms or Skittles were the better sweet.

Christmas, that Lady Gaga album even she can’t remember, the invention of LOL acronym and the time Whitney Houston went “And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” make appearances. Although, there will likely be no disagreement that in terms of longterm cultural impact, Carrie Bradshaw’s voiceovers have done more for this planet than the 19th amendment ever did.

But the 19th amendment making number 116, but Jennifer Lawerence saying “gay rights” at a pitiful 119? We might sue Yang for emotional damages.

Yang, 29, dropped the first half of the top 200 list Wednesday night (July 1) as a teaser for his podcast, Las Culturistas Podcast.

Part two followed Friday (July 3), adding such cultural touchpoints as Tyra Banks pretending to die/faint on ANTM, Tyra Banks pretending to have rabies on Tyra, Billy Porter’s curtain hat and of course, the invention of iced coffee.

The top 25 was omitted from the post, to be revealed on the podcast episode.

We for one, will say now that if Lil Nas X’s entire existence, John Mayer’s contorted singing face, the dancing baby in Ally McBeal, Harry Styles eating cod spermChristina Aguilera’s spray tan dripping during Etta James’ funeral, the rat in the background of Madonna’s Q&AJohn Travolta with such confidence saying “Adele Dazeem”, Oprah, Tyra Banks interviewing Beyoncé,  or that time we abruptly all cared about some beauty bloggers spat aren’t on the list, Yang should expect an email from us.

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