1 July 2020

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 18, 2020 in Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s homophobic reign to continue until 2036 as same-sex marriage ban ‘used as distraction’ in power-grab vote

Participants march along a street during a 'Gay Pride' march in Seoul on July 15, 2017. Thousands of people celebrated gay rights with song, dance and a march in Seoul on July 15, amid rain and boisterous protests by conservative Christians. Religious South Koreans have been a loud fixture at the annual parade for years, holding a rival anti-homosexuality rally while trying to physically block the march. / AFP PHOTO / Ed JONES (Photo credit should read ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images)

South Korean president remains silent amid growing pressure to enact the country’s first-ever LGBT+ protection law

Men took to reddit to describe the things they feel they're missing out on in fear of being labelled "gay". (Stock photograph via Elements Envato)

Straight men tragically reveal the things they miss out on for fearing of looking gay, like… having friends, emotions and personal hygiene

Baroness Nicholson will not be investigated for Munroe Bergdorf comments

Munroe Bergdorf graciously accepts Baroness Nicholson’s apology while schooling her on ‘casual’ racism and transphobia

Christian Council: Thugs beat gay man unconscious while screaming slurs

A gay man asked a truck to move so he could park his car. In return, he was beaten unconscious by two homophobes

Northampton police are appealing for witnesses in a suspected homophobic attack. (JON SUPER / AFP) (Photo by JON SUPER/AFP via Getty Images)

Homophobic cyclist brutally beats driver, punches him in the face and shuts his leg in a car door

The Last of Us Part II: Homophobic cult may have been just a rumour

The Last of Us Part II director says he won’t fight the ‘fair’ hate being directed at the controversial sequel

Parent of transgender teenager debunks 'tired' anti-trans claims

Teachers should be forced to misgender trans kids unless they have ‘permission’ from parents, right-wing think tank suggests

A trans person was stoned and bottled by teenage thugs in a suspected hate attack, for the simple crime of walking their dog

Baroness Nicholson will not be investigated for Munroe Bergdorf comments

Baroness Nicholson will not be investigated for sharing ‘racist and transphobic’ content about Munroe Bergdorf despite complaints

Brennan Gregg came out to his parents in the most ingenious way. (Screen captures via TikTok)

This guy came out to his parents during family game night in the most ingenious way and if it doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, nothing will

trans woman

Black trans woman apparently shot to death in Texas, America’s deadliest state for trans people, and deadnamed by media

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