26 June 2020

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Aysu Mammadli

A sex worker was stabbed 11 times and killed by a client. Her family wouldn’t collect her body from the morgue because she’s trans

Joe Biden LGBT+ republicans

Joe Biden convincingly tops Donald Trump in poll of LGBT+ voters – with a surprising amount of queer Republicans turning left

Hailie Sahar Pose

Pose star Hailie Sahar says she was ‘sexually molested’ by a police officer as a trans teenager

Jim Obergefell holds a photo of him and his late husband John Arthur in his condo in Cincinnati, on April 2, 2015. (Maddie McGarvey/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Five years after love won, the gay man who bravely fought for marriage equality is mourning his husband

Barack Obama Pride

Barack Obama celebrates five years of marriage equality and pays tribute to the LGBT+ community in stirring Pride address

Donald Trump doctored video

Gay dads felt sick when Donald Trump used a doctored video of their son to ‘further hate and racism’. Now, they’re suing him

same-sex marriage united states

Five years after the Supreme Court’s historic equal marriage ruling, love is still winning and the community is still fighting

A man's back covered in scars

After surviving torture and escaping my home country, I finally came to terms with my queerness

People with Harry Potter tattoos offered free cover-up tattoos by LA artist

This artist is offering to redesign Harry Potter tattoos for free – all while raising money for trans people of colour

Britney Spears

Britney Spears declares ‘there’s only one b***h… the real one’ in instantly-iconic Pride Month track

Jonathan Van Ness HIV elton john

Jonathan Van Ness candidly tells Elton John what gave him the courage to share his truth about living with HIV

Alarming video footage shows the moment a homophobic and racist passenger scorned his Lyft driver after being asked to wear a mask. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Homophobic Lyft passenger threatens to crush ‘candy-ass f****t’ driver’s skull – all because he asked him to wear a mask

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