23 June 2020

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Thomas Beattie

Footballer Thomas Beattie comes out as gay, the first major league English player to do so since Justin Fashanu 30 years ago

Gay Muslim teenager thee amir

Gay Muslim teenager and Nicki Minaj stan shares sage advice for closeted queer Muslims wanting to come out

Trump sued for allowing healthcare discrimination against trans patients

The Trump administration is now being sued for allowing healthcare workers to refuse to treat trans patients


Israel could become the sixth country in the world to ban traumatising gay conversion therapy as UK drags feet

Dawson's Creek Greg Berlanti queer characters

Dawson’s Creek producer shares the relatable true story behind the gay kiss that captivated a generation

Abigail Shrier.

Amazon refuses to advertise renowned anti-trans journalist’s book suggesting trans teens are a ‘contagion’

Franklin Graham Pope Francis

Anti-LGBT+ preacher Franklin Graham actually said the words ‘science isn’t truth, God is’

Israeli Pride tel aviv

Tel Aviv declares same-sex unions will be recognised in Pride Month ‘challenge’ to Israeli government

David Wails, Joe Ritchie-Bennett and James Furlong (L-R) have been named as the victims of the Reading terror attack.

Reading Pride launches crowdfunder to raise funds for families of LGBT+ victims of heinous terror attack


A ‘real life Mister Rogers’ hung a rainbow outside his home for Pride. A homophobic neighbour told him he ‘shamed the community’

Trans woman Lara Rae

Trans woman ‘karate-chopped’ by abusive drunk cis women in horrific transphobic attack in public bathroom

Mumsnet users threaten drag queen for wanting to read books to kids

Drag queen doxxed and threatened with crucifixion by Mumsnet users all because she wanted to read books to children

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