22 June 2020

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David Wails, Joe Ritchie-Bennett and James Furlong (L-R) have been named as the victims of the Reading terror attack.

Third Reading terror attack victim named as ‘supporter of the LGBT+ community’ who ‘always made people smile’

Barbie same-sex wedding

Young girls throw adorable same-sex wedding for their Barbie dolls, officiated by Geri Halliwell, and it’s the definition of parenting done right

Chadwick Moore on Fox News Tucker Carlson. (Screen capture via YouTube)

White, gay Trump supporter epically schooled after claiming Black Lives Matter is trying to ‘colonise’ Pride Month

Kyiv Pride activists used a drone to carry a giant rainbow flag to the top of the controversial Soviet-era Motherland Monument

LGBT+ activists in Kyiv use drones to transform an old, controversial Soviet monument into a powerful symbol of equality

Vikas Gupta India comes out bisexual

Television host comes out as bisexual in blistering video alleging he was in a relationship with a co-star who ‘harassed’ him

LGBT groups unite to defend trans charities after removal by BBC

Senior MPs and LGBT+ activists brand BBC News ‘institutionally transphobic’ in scathing letter to its editorial director

Meet the proudly Black ‘gay father of the Windrush generation’ who fought discrimination when racism and homophobia were still legal

New UKIP leader Freddy Vachha

UKIP has a new leader who thinks that teaching children about gay people is ‘a form of child abuse’. Also, UKIP apparently still exists

Two queer men who lost their lives after a lone man began stabbing people in Reading, England, have been named as Joe Ritchie-Bennett (L) and James Furlong (R). (Facebook/Thames Valley Police)

Reading terror attack victims were beautiful and proud members of the LGBT+ community who wanted equality for all

Gerald Bostock speaks to demonstrators in favour of LGBT rights rally outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, October 8, 2019

Sole surviving plaintiff at the centre of the Supreme Court’s seismic LGBT+ ruling warns there’s still ‘a long way to go’

Kenneth Felts gay Colorado

Grandfather bravely comes out as gay at 90 years old, proving it’s never too late to embrace your true self

Shane Cullinan, a bartender at a Florida queer bar, was spat at for reprimanding a patron for not wearing a mask. (Screen capture via 7 News/Facebook)

Gay bartender spat on simply for asking an odious customer to wear a face mask. This is Trump’s America

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